Working on Your Body

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    Hey guys, so I just wanted to mention how important it is to focus on the mental and physical aspects of your game. Everyone discusses the things you need to say, how you need to behave, how to act, etc. Little is mentioned that up keeping your physical appearance is a must, too.

    I recommend working with a personal trainer. I’ve done it for a few years, and the results have been amazing for me. The Toronto Personal Trainer that I use pushes me 3-4 times a week, and he also puts a large emphasis on my mental strength.

    After completing a workout, nothing seems like a challenge anymore. I’ve worked out for years alone, but having a personal trainer is simply awesome. It can really push you to the next level of results.

    So to sum it up: If you’re doing everything in your power to become better at talking/hooking up with women, getting a personal trainer to help you with your physical appearance/mental fortitude is something that I highly recommended.

    Here’s a sample of some stuff that we work on:

    -High intensity interval training

    -Free weight exercises

    -Resistence band training

    -Flexibility/agility training.

    Getting Boners While Talking to Girls, and Social Value in Clubs

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      Tyler Durden Speaks about how you should view your value in the club, and getting boners while talking to cute girls. For those who don’t know, he’s the head guy at Real Social Dynamics (RSD). Solid dude, with top notch game, those guys charge something like $1000-2000 for a bootcamp with a student, so its awesome when you get to see vids and stuff for free.

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      Failure and Dating

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        Failure and dating are two things that go hand in hand. Here’s an awesome article I found by Ozzie from Those guys offer awesome bootcamps that I highly recommend, and they’re top notch in the dating field. Anyways, off to the article that I found very inspiring (my comments are in italics):

        Unless You Try-Ozzie

        In This Article
        – Mantra of “try and see”
        – “Spill over” effect of pickup
        – Predicting catastrophes
        – Mixed set scare (talking to a girl who is with a guy)

        I think I made a life philosophy out of this simple mantra. Keeping it simple has always been my credo. I don’t believe in complicated solutions to big problems. (More on this in my book “The Physical Game” coming out TODAY)

        Failure dating “try and see” approach.

        – Experiment. “Try and see” what happens has always been a part of my life. When I started to experiment with physical game I couldn’t believe the kind of shit I could get away with. Make a girl suck your dick over your pants. Go for it. There is other stuff that I did that I won’t even say for the sake of not appearing like a braggart — most shit that happens in-field sounds unbelievable to the layman. Girls get sexual very quickly when you truly don’t give a shit.

        – Keep it simple. I took a big chunk out of this philosophy from seeing Tim in the field. Whatever it is, just try it and don’t overcomplicate the thing. Keeping it simple is the best way to build a solid foundation. Once your foundation is built, you can get complex if you so wish.

        The Story

        I remember an RSD retreat in Greece, 2006. The whole crew was there. We had so much crazy shit happen to us on that retreat we had to make a habit of improvising on-the-go. From being stranded on a dirty hippie island with one water taxi a day, to banging girls, to getting ourselves into unavailable hotel rooms, to hop flying in a small cheap plane from one island to Athens etc. In the end everything worked out and we had some of the best moments ever. I learned that nothing is impossible if you “try and see”. I remember being stranded in Ios Island with no hotel rooms available, our entire luggage on the floor of a Cafe at almost 11PM with no prospect of having a place to sleep and Papa walking around the island on an impossible mission to find a place for us in a tourist-packed party island. Not only did he get us rooms but he also got us into one of the best beachfront hotels on the island for a fraction of the cost. It blew my mind. He resorted to a front office contact he cleverly got from a receptionist girl I banged in Mykonos Island.


        It is customary for guys who take RSD programs to change other parts of their lives. The program and newfound confidence has a “spillover” effect on their jobs, friend relations and overall life. Plenty of dudes leave my program and decide to quit their “chode” jobs — I don’t endorse this — and go on a world tour. They think “if I can get women, I can do whatever I want with my life”.

        This “spillover” effect leads them to take on new challenges: new jobs, embark on new business ventures, etc. Confidence breeds confidence. Wanting to be great with women has inspired me to really step up in seemingly unrelated areas of my life as well: school, work, business, gym, etc. Pick up has been a very positive influence on me.

        You can play the system when the system has no play with you.


        When you crystal ball interactions into major catastrophes, you reduce your “try and see” capacity. You expect the worst so you won’t try. You feel like if you approach a mixed set the guy will beat you up, however unlikely the prospect is. You would be surprised how many guys won’t approach mixed sets because of this fear.

        The Mixed Set Scare

        I approach mix sets all the time, I know they are the simplest. My mixed set skill has gone through the roof because of this. I have gotten so good at befriending guys in set that I have ended up “amogging” the girls at times. Sometimes guys start talking to me all at the same time and the girl leaves the set and I have to chase her back into it. It has happened on a couple of occasions — I see my girl getting ignored while guys mob me with high-fives and ask me questions like little school girls. I have tried to patch this up by approaching girls first but still I get it once in a while.

        If you are afraid guys will “beat you up” you might want to think in terms of worst case scenario here and evaluate the situation more realistically: “The worst that can happen is that a jealous boyfriend beats me but it is unlikely”. So you go ahead and “try and see” for yourself. Since you know worst case scenarios are unlikely you will approach with less fear. The less fear the greater your “try and see” capacity. You will be more action-oriented and less analysis-based.

        Soon your “generalization” will kick in. After a couple of good interactions with guys in mixed sets, your mind will “generalize” that it is always positive like that — your mind will rule out the chance of a worst case scenario. Your fear will be reduced.

        You can apply this generalization concept to every area of the game: opening girls “out of your league”, getting physical from the opener, making out, pulling to dance floor etc. For every good experience you have, your mind will do the “generalization” job. Your fear to do those “scary” feats will be greatly reduced to the point that fear is almost gone. For me to have any fear approaching after doing this for more than 5 years, I need to crank it up manually. Simply, I am not afraid of doing anything anymore.

        So after generalization, your “try and see” meter will go up. You will just try and see what happens with those things you are scared of doing.

        Good hunting!

        Steps to success
        – If fear was not an issue how much would you try in the field?
        – What is the worst case scenario of approaching a group of people? Can you handle it?

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        Jersey Shore Dating Advice: Check Out Pauly D’s Game

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          Everyone’s heard of Jersey Shore. The MTV show that took the Nielsen ratings by storm last year. It’s a show about a bunch of guido girls and guys living in one house together. Like Big Brother- only with orange tans, tattoos, and Italians instead.

          There are a lot of people watching the show, and I’d like to briefly comment on the game that these guys possess. Being followed with cameras all the time shows high value. That means that when these guys hit the club, they already have the attention on them. This makes picking up girls easier, yet some of these dudes still fuck it up. I’m writing a series of articles “case study” style on these dudes, so check back for more analysis.

          First off, let me start by saying that Pauly D has the best game in the house. If you want to see great game in action, just take note on how this guy talks/acts around girls. There’s no doubt in my mind that he gets laid the most out of the dudes in the house. He’s got a winner’s attitude, and his game is tight.

          Pauly truly shines in the latest episode of season 2 (aired Thursday Sept 16th). He provides value in most of his interactions. Apart from that, he goes 1 on 1 against the situation at the club. They both pull girls home, and pauly’s chick is down to fuck (DTF) while the situation’s chick freaks out at him and leaves. This was probably because the situation was doing something crazy like putting his finger in the chick’s butt before sex. If you ever want to finger a chick’s ass you should do it slowly while fucking her doggy style. Make sure you massage her bum first before working your finger in there, but I digress.

          Since Pauly’s girl leaves too, he decides on calling some numbers from the club. A lot don’t pick up, but the one that does decides to come see him at 6 a.m. If a chick comes out to see you on such short notice she’s obviously DTF.

          Instead of being a nice wing and leaving, the situation gets a sandwich and eats it in the same room while they’re hooking up. Weak game by the Situation! To add insult to injury, he tries talking to Pauly while Pauly is literally in bed about to fuck the chick. As a good wing you should forget about nursing your bruised ego, and just let your roommate hook up.

          Pauly D continues his streak of awesome game by inviting another girl out to dinner. He keeps on busting her balls (teasing) her through out the interaction which is great. Take in this awesome snippet from the phone call for example:

          Pauly:”So Vinny is bringing the girl that he loves over to a restaurant, and I wanted to bring the girl that I love to dinner as well… You can come too”.

          The chick laughs, and her attraction increases. Big win for my man Pauly D! And its not only that he’s good around girls. He comforts Vinny really well when Vinny’s date doesn’t show up. Pauly also tries to hook up the situation after his date bolts out of their house. Its pretty awesome to see such a value giving dude.

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          A Quick Note on Dating Ideas

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            So there’s lots of “conventional dates” that suck. I’ve done the whole “dinner and a movie” sort of thing and found that though it may work sometimes, there’s way better alternatives out there.

            Allow me to explain. Most date ideas are there because they’re accepted by the mainstream. If some poor chap sees a dinner and a movie date in a movie, he’ll think that it would work in real life. This is where experience comes into play. I’ve talked to many women that don’t enjoy going to the movies for a first date because they can’t get to talk to the man they’re with. Dinner is not much of a better choice because it can leave you bloated. Who feels sexy or wants to have sex after eating a 3 course meal?

            I’ve found that the unconventional dates that no one else is doing out there are the ones that work best. They show that you’re different than the other guys.

            Some guidelines for these dates to succeed: They should give you a lot of time to get physical with your date (a playful activity), they should give you some time to speak face to face, and the date should give her a wide range of emotions. Those are important qualities to look for.

            Some date ideas are:

            -Renting bikes and biking through the city/countryside
            -Going for a walk while checking out different cool shops
            -Walking around downtown to reach a nice destination that not many people know about (for me that’s a sandwich shop, or a coffee shop down the street).
            -Call her out to help you do grocery shopping.

            These are all dating ideas that have worked for me in the past. The reason being is that my date enjoyed my company in any setting that we were in. In fact, I can say she enjoyed these mini dates more because it made things a lot less formal. No pressure means more emphasis on enjoying yourself (rather than trying to impress, or worrying what the other person thinks).

            These little dates also allow you to showcase your personality more. That should be a huge “win” in your column if you’ve been following the advice in the other articles on this site.

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            How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

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              get back with your ex girlfriend
              “How to get back with your ex girlfriend?” is something that everyone desires to know. It is a common emotionally draining question that everyone will face at one point or another. The answer that I am going to give here is not conventional, and you won’t find this type of thing in any Hollywood movies, or the latest 17teen magazine. However, this is based on my personal experience of the situation. I’ve also taken bits and pieces from “How to get back with your ex girlfriend” ebook.

              How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #1: Stay strong as a man. This means that you should not call her, text her, write her long winded handwritten notes sent by pigeon, etc. You can have your grieving process, but don’t leave your grieving on her answering machine. What I’m saying is you need to move on with your life as a man. There’s nothing more unattractive than having a man emotionally crushed, and doing everything to get a woman’s attention. That reeks of desperation, and it has never worked well. Stop the neediness. Leave that shit for the other 90% of the male population that have trouble getting laid.

              How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #2: Examine the breakup. Who broke up with who? What was the reason for the breakup. If you broke up with the girl because of her character flaw (i.e. she leaves the toilet seat down in your house), then you need to realize that you will not be able to change her. If you don’t like the girl’s personality, you’re SOL (that stands for “shit out of luck” for my foreign readers), so just go find another girl. If you broke up because of a specific situation that arose, then you might be in the clear—a second chance might still work out.

              How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #3: Move on with life, and work on yourself as a person. This is key right here. You need to work on yourself, and become a stronger, better person. Don’t think of this as being something you’re doing to get back with your ex girlfriend. Think of it as something you’re doing for yourself. Girls love guys that are driven, motivated, and self-starters (don’t believe me? Look at who the hottest chicks are dating). Shit’s like catnip for chicks, for real.

              Point being, no girl wants to go back to the same dude that eats nachos on the couch and plays Metal Gear Solid 2 all day. That’s why this breakup is a blessing in disguise. It can be the one thing that lights a fire under your ass to get your shit together. I know I’ve been emotionally crushed after breakups a bunch. And instead of letting them beat me up; I used that emotional void in my soul to drive me to success.

              How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #4: Don’t rely on her logic. NEVER try to convince girls or women on a logical basis. Why? Because emotions are EVERYTHING for women. If you want her back, you’ll have to get her emotions in the right spot. The best way to do this is not by being a passive-aggressive manipulative asshole. But rather, as I pointed above, by getting your shit together and letting her see that. That is when you contact her via facebook, text, phone, whatever, and get a chance at having her back. Only after you’ve done the above. This will maximize your chances of getting back together & maintaining a healthy relationship.

              Which brings me to How to get back with your ex girlfriend conclusion. As you can see on the above, much of getting your ex back is out of your hands. The best strategy that has worked for me is:

              1)      Show her that you can live without her. In fact, you improve yourself a lot after the separation.

              2)      Make sure to do the above, and not EVER think of the breakup as, “I’m not good enough so I’ll work on myself”. That is the wrong thinking pattern to have. Think of it more along the lines of, “We’re broken up, ok. I think I’d enjoy life more if I dedicated myself to becoming a better man. Time to do that”. That is the most attractive thing you can do.

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              get back with your ex girlfriend

              Attract a Beautiful Woman-Guest Post From MikeyP

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                How do you attract a beautiful woman? When it comes to dating, I haven’t always been a stud. I used to be really, really bad in this area of my life. Having said that, I’ve recently gone through massive amounts of success. I’m talking sex with a few different girls in one night, maintaining 3-4 open relationships with hotties, etc. Here’s a run down of what I’m doing now that I find WORKS. This is 100% field tested. I didn’t just conjure this stuff up: I tested that IT WORKS.

                First, I’d like to say that money and looks can help, but I’m broke, and I drive a beat up 95′ civic. Its irrelevant to success with women. Your vibe is the most important thing that you have. It is your #1 asset. I can BS you and tell you that I’m not insecure right now, but that’s simply not true. I still feel down sometimes, but it is usually when I’m inside the house or in front of the computer. When I head outside I get in a zone and any insecure thoughts vanish. This is attributed to getting WAY outside of my comfort zone on a regular basis. Getting WAY outside of your comfort zone is the first step to attracting a beautiful woman.

                So heres the rundown of attracting hotties:

                1.)  You must go out. If you are not going out nothing is gonna happen. Your success is directly correlated with how frequently you head out to an environment where you can meet and talk to women. What helped me a lot here was being socila with everyone: Women AND men. You gotta understand that its OK to introduce yourself to strangers and start a conversation. Simply say, “Hi, my name is ____”, shake hands, and start a conversation. The key is not to expect anything. Just let the conversation flow.

                2.) An important thing that I’ve come to understand is that the people who surround you are just as intimidated and insecure as you are. A good way to look at their initial bitchy/aggressive reaction toward you is to recognize that “they may just be nervous, that if I quit the conversation now, is gonna be a lose situation for both, that I need to stick here to help them overcome their fears”.This is where talking to everyone helps. Getting in that social vibing zone is so helpful to attracting beautiful women.

                3.)Always remember that if youre in a club, party, or bar, don’t for a second stop interacting with people. Always keep talking. That is the best way to get the ball rolling, and to keep you in a social mood. Thats the type of mood that has led me to attracting beautiful women the same night that I’d meet them. If you’re at a place with darts, a dancefloor, or a pool table, all the better. You can invite the people you meet there to play games/dance.

                4.) Go into the place assuming everyone likes you, and they are your friend. Relax as you would with a close group of friends. Forget about trying to impress people. It is much more attractive to be relaxed and “with nothing to prove” in these situations.

                5.) This one is a bit ballsy, but it is a huge component to attraction. You should always follow your gut about what you want. Think of what you want to happen in the interaction, and take the right action necessary to make it happen. If you want to talk to a certain girl, do it. If you want to hug her, hug her. Be in the moment (I’ve found that attracting beautiful women has become A LOT easier once I let my body do what it felt like doing). If you want to be alone with her, take her with you, if you want to reward a girl for something she said, do it, if you want to punish her for something she said, do it.

                6.) Remember that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing for your self amusement. You have to feel, and believe that you’re your own party. Feel good, and feel great about yourself when you’re socially interacting with people.You are a fun dude, and you’re bringing the fun to the party. The group is not bringing this fun to you. Your fun depends on what you do, not on what the others are saying/doing. Your mindset should be that of, “The coolest thing going on is going on right here with ME”. Even if you’re having a simple conversation, that’s the coolest thing going on at that time. Girls find that extremely attracting. Being so in the zone is highly magnetic.

                7.) Speak loud, laugh loud. These are alpha male attraction characteristics 101. Good voice volume draws attention to you right away. Also look into her eyes. Maintaining strong eye contact is important to create attraction, and create rapport with the girl.

                8.) Escalate the interaction. Having the above mental attitude pointers to attracting beautiful women, you MUST escalate the interaction. This means initiating physical contact when you feel like you want to touch the girl (in a non-creepy way of course). Escalating is also done by giving her a wide range of emotions. Discussing stuff about sex is great for this:

                Have you done a threesome?
                Do you like doggy style?
                Are you loud in bed?
                Does your boyfriend likes to watch?
                Have you kissed a girl?

                You make the conversation sexual, you are not apologetic about what is it that you want to do or say. Don’t wait for her to show a sign of attraction before escalating. Theres a LOT of girls that are not secure about showing attraction toward a guy because they fear getting shut down. You should escalate regardless. Worst case scenario you two don’t click, and you’re off to find a girl who you can click with.

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                Brad P. Talks About Belief in Yourself, Reference Points, and Travel

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                  I came across this article from I recommend you guys check it out for inspiration (Brad P is an executive coach with RSD, and he’s really great at the bootcamps he does with those guys).

                  I remember walking through the streets of Vancouver one night. I had just been coming into a new rockstar-level of success.

                  Just finishing up an intense filming session in LA with Tyler, I was OWNING shit.

                  As I walked through the moonlit streets with my buddy Gsaad from RSDNation, he asked me a question. “So what is the difference between guys who have sporadic results, and the guys who PULL consistently?”

                  I hadn’t really thought about it before, and it caught me off guard.

                  It took me a while, but I realized what it is.

                  Self Trust.


                  It really clicked when I went back and looked at all my old field reports, which are on the forum by the way if any of you guys are interested in seeing my progress…

                  I realized that all the old little lines that I used to do, 2 years ago, all the little hugs and hip bumps, the stupid faces, whatever…. They are all the same now.

                  I do EXACTLY the same thing.

                  What is the difference between now and then?

                  Self trust.


                  At the time I was doing those things with probably 85% belief. Enough to get some stellar results, but not like now.

                  Now it is like 98%.

                  Where does that level of trust and confidence come from?

                  Talking to girls in 35 countries, going out to the toughest nightclubs 6 days a week for almost 2 years, teaching it, and gaining secondhand reference points from my friends and clients successes as well.

                  I have MILLIONS of reference points confirming that these laws of attraction we teach at RSD work.

                  And the thing is, it might not be the best method. But the fact that I believe in it so strongly… Makes it work.


                  Let’s take a look at why the natural guy, the guy who doesn’t need to study this material, gets the results he does.

                  It is because most of those guys have MASSIVE blind spots, and they don’t even recognize when things aren’t going their way. Yet somehow their reality wins out and people fall into their frame.

                  It is like they have this one track playlist in their head on repeat, “I’m the boss. I’m the fucking boss. I’m the fucking boss.”


                  And anything the girl does, they can just rationalize to reconfirm this.

                  The girl says, “Fuck you!”

                  He interprets it as her playing hard to get.

                  She says, “Your shirt is gay!”

                  He thinks she is flirting.

                  And the girl just falls into that frame.

                  It’s the old social dynamics self fulfilling prophecy.

                  Now most guys who get into this industry, start studying this whole “success with women” business, because they are on the opposite end.

                  They are usually HYPER sensitive to the girl’s reactions.


                  “Oh, does she like me? How’s my body language? How’s my tonality? Did she just turn away? Is this shirt cool? What about my hair?”

                  A lot of what I do on bootcamp is blow past all these misconceptions that a client might have, and then prove it to him in real life that HE IS ENOUGH!

                  You need to realize that your head is like a supercomputer. It only has so much mental RAM to determine how to respond or act in a given situation.

                  If 20% is paying attention to the girls responses, 20% is worried about your body language, 20% is worried about what you are saying, 20% is worried about your tonality, how much mental energy do you have left to actually pay attention to what the girl is saying?

                  How much of your mental energy can actually be used MOVING THINGS FORWARD?!

                  Not much.

                  So again, a big reason that clients have success after bootcamp is because they get an expert to tell them what they are doing wrong… But ultimately it usually is more about what they are doing right!

                  EVERY PROGRAM I get guys asking about their tonality, how they dress, whatever insecurity they might have and I always respond…

                  “Dude, if that were an issue, I’d tell you! Stop worrying about it!”

                  Again, it frees up your mind to actually LISTEN TO THE GIRL!

                  Guy and Girl

                  What a novel concept, active listening, and then you usually don’t run out of things to say because you are actually paying attention to her.

                  And you can move on to more important trains of thought like what the logistics of the situation are, and what you need to do to escalate/isolate/pull/close properly.

                  So besides coming on bootcamp and having an expert point out what you are doing right and wrong, how can you develop more self trust on your own?

                  Well reading all these articles is a start. The brain sees so many continual reinforcements that the RSD method of building attraction is the proper way of doing things, and you really do come to believe it. It is also reinforcing to see other people utilizing the same techniques and succeeding as well.

                  But ultimately it is the experience of YOU getting out there and actually putting the concepts into practice, realizing that nothing special is needed to get that girl. You can just “Be yourself”. As vague as that sound, any guy leaving my bootcamp knows EXACTLY what that means.

                  I know EXACTLY what that is for me. And again, it was only after getting out there and doing it countless times that I came to this realization.

                  Self trust.


                  Another huge benefit of the lifestyle I live as a pickup coach is that I get continual reinforcement that I am the shit, the RSD method is the shit, and building up that self trust.


                  World travel.

                  You start seeing patterns in every new country. You see the overarching scheme of how attraction works, and how it is the same everywhere.

                  Just last month I was in the Dominican Republic, and whenever I am in a new country there is always a little bit of that self doubt, “Is this going to work here too?!”

                  But just like in every other country, when at the end of the night you’ve got a girl chasing you down, the best 19 year old I’ve ever kissed actually, and another country to add to the list, it reaffirms that belief.

                  I am the shit.

                  Pua Opener of The Day.

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                    Simple stuff, always opens. This is a great pua opener used a bunch 4-5 years ago.

                    “Guys, do girls think that David Bowie is hot?”

                    They’ll talk about it, or some will remember he’s the guy from Willow.

                    Then if you can’t transition, you can always say “I was reading Maxim over in the 7/11 (convenience store), and this smoking hot model was talking all this shit about how she *loved* David Bowie..”, and then build off of that (although I only did this once, and normally use my stock C&F)

                    Then STACK any other topic/routine afterwards, and you are IN.

                    Also, you can do it in a low-key street approach pua opener, by just asking quietly, as if you were having a personal thought for the day or something..

                    No comments from people who are actually too scared to talk to girls, and don’t like the theory behind it.. Just go try it, I guarantee it will open – it was field tested all night to 100% open, and there were closes from it as well.
                    StrongBad’s variation

                    Because my little sister has this big poster of David Bowie up on her wall. Now David Bowie is an old man. He’s OLD!!! Do girls think that OLD MEN are hot???
                    Tyler’s variation

                    Hey guys, I need a female opinion. Do girls think the rock star David Bowie is hot?

                    (blah, blah, blah)

                    Get this… my roommate’s little sister, she’s 7 and half years old, has a HUGE picture of David Bowie on her wall. I’m not talking an 8×10; I’m talking a 4-foot by 6-foot POSTER! It’s like the first thing she sees when she wakes up in the morning.

                    David Bowie is a freaky looking OLD MAN! She’s like 7 and he’s like 70. I’m seriously worried about my roommate’s little sister…

                    Get back to Best Dating from pua opener.

                    Do Looks and Money Really Matter?

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                      This is an excellent article I came across while reading RSDnation. That’s a sick resource, and I recommend it for all of you. The article talks about Brad’s perspective on the age old question of looks and money when it comes to dating:

                      As a moderator on the RSDNation forum, I am constantly deleting threads with some variation of “I know looks matter!”

                      Now, I think it could be a worthwhile debate, but history proves the opposite. It just turns into heated nonsense, and RSD Headquarters and the moderation team have decided that it is just better to delete any of the looks discussion threads before they inevitably get out of hand.

                      Now, since I have my own little platform here, I’ll give you my viewpoint. And there is nothing you can do about it. Hehe.

                      The big problem that guys have with this whole looks/money/success concept is that they aren’t even asking a proper question.

                      Do looks matter?

                      For WHAT?!

                      Do looks matter for kissing a girl? For taking a shit? For making it rain?

                      Ask a proper question and things change a bit.

                      The question that I think most guys want to know is:

                      Do looks and/or money matter for building female ATTRACTION?

                      Alright, that changes things a little bit.

                      And on the most fundamental level, on par with the Blueprint, the answer is


                      But looks/money convey certain qualities about a guy that are attractive to a girl. And that, from a superficial level confuses guys.

                      How do looks and money come into play when building female attraction?

                      Well first we need to rehash what causes attraction.


                      Again, so the more high value you are, the more attractive you will be.

                      And again, women value things differently than men.

                      Men value how a girl looks, girls value ACTION! A MAN OF ACTION! ALPHA! LEADER! CONFIDENCE! DOMINANCE! GRAWRRR!!!

                      The high value guy is the one taking action, he is the natural leader, not afraid to make a mistake, not giving a fuck what others think of him and getting shit done.

                      So lets look a little more intensely into this man of action thingy.

                      How do looks and money convey that you are a man of action?

                      As much as a girl appreciates security, and a man who can provide for her, that is not the primary reason she may respond more positively to a guy that has money.

                      It is the fact that he is successful, that is why she is attracted to him. This presupposes that he is a man of action, in whatever arena of his life.

                      If he takes action in his career, he will probably be just as successful at being a husband, a father, a friend, whatever is necessary.

                      This applies to the looks debate as well. It is not so much that she sees you wearing a nice shirt and is like, “Oooh, he looks hot.” She sees that you can afford nice clothes, meaning you aren’t just sitting on your ass and cleaning up garbage for a living.

                      With that, another reason why looks can affect the female’s perspective of you is if you are overweight. If she only has your physical appearance to determine if you are a high value leader of men/man of action, who would look more like that guy? A fat guy, or a ripped dude with the six pack abs?

                      Well it’s pretty obvious that in this very superficial attribute, the ripped dude is taking action in the gym, and the fat dude is not. And hey, if that is all the girl initially has to work off of, of course it is going to be easier for the ripped dude to build that attraction with her

                      But guys see these sort of scenarios in the field and they use blanket statements like “Ripped dudes get all the girls! HAHA! I just know it!!”

                      And that just isn’t the case. I’ve literally proved it to myself by going out, not showering for 2-3 days and growing out my mustache to see if I can still have success pulling girls.

                      And I have.

                      I’ve been on program with Alex~ where he wore the same shirt 4 days in a row and was still pulling crazy ass even though he looked pretty haggard. ;)

                      You can EASILY overpower these hindrances, a guy that eats cheetos all day and watches t.v. can go out and pickup the hottest girl in the club.

                      But this leads to the discussion that Ryan talks about in one of his articles about cognitive dissonance.

                      Does it really make sense to be the guy that is lazy all day and then get out to the club and be all “Yeah dude, I’m a high value man of action! If a girl enters my life, she is WINNING!”?

                      If you are delusional, or just hit up the clubs enough you can overpower those internal self doubts, but don’t think they go away.

                      It really just doesn’t make sense. The whole reason why women are drawn to confidence is because in the caveman days it was a sign that you had something going on for you, there was something tangible to back it up.

                      Now we have realized, through all this nerd work and going out for countless hours that you don’t need to be a CEO with all the money in the world, or the good looking dude, but why stack the cards against yourself?

                      Build a well rounded life, work hard, play hard, hit the gym hard… They all go hand in hand towards being congruent with the whole confidence/self-esteem gig.

                      And take care of yourself when you hit the club. If you see me out in a club, I’m probably going to be wearing some rock star black shirt and a chunky watch of sorts.

                      Do I think it directly gets me girls? No. But it does convey that I take care of myself, that I am not just some slob who throws on whatever. And it shows that I can afford a cool watch or something, which shows I probably am doing well in my career too. It’s also good for the little self-esteem boost that Tyler talks about in the Blueprint, you just feel damn good wearing some new sweet gear.

                      But I know that is for myself, not for the girl.

                      I agree with this for the most part. It definitely applies 100% if you’re at a stage of your life where you’re dating, and not necessarily “looking for someone to marry”. Many women that I’ve talked to will look at a dudes financial stability before they marry him no matter how good his game is. But if you’re just going out to clubs to get laid the above article is applicable 100% WOO!

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