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So there’s lots of “conventional dates” that suck. I’ve done the whole “dinner and a movie” sort of thing and found that though it may work sometimes, there’s way better alternatives out there.

Allow me to explain. Most date ideas are there because they’re accepted by the mainstream. If some poor chap sees a dinner and a movie date in a movie, he’ll think that it would work in real life. This is where experience comes into play. I’ve talked to many women that don’t enjoy going to the movies for a first date because they can’t get to talk to the man they’re with. Dinner is not much of a better choice because it can leave you bloated. Who feels sexy or wants to have sex after eating a 3 course meal?

I’ve found that the unconventional dates that no one else is doing out there are the ones that work best. They show that you’re different than the other guys.

Some guidelines for these dates to succeed: They should give you a lot of time to get physical with your date (a playful activity), they should give you some time to speak face to face, and the date should give her a wide range of emotions. Those are important qualities to look for.

Some date ideas are:

-Renting bikes and biking through the city/countryside
-Going for a walk while checking out different cool shops
-Walking around downtown to reach a nice destination that not many people know about (for me that’s a sandwich shop, or a coffee shop down the street).
-Call her out to help you do grocery shopping.

These are all dating ideas that have worked for me in the past. The reason being is that my date enjoyed my company in any setting that we were in. In fact, I can say she enjoyed these mini dates more because it made things a lot less formal. No pressure means more emphasis on enjoying yourself (rather than trying to impress, or worrying what the other person thinks).

These little dates also allow you to showcase your personality more. That should be a huge “win” in your column if you’ve been following the advice in the other articles on this site.

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