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approach-Slide-PicThis book is geared toward a younger audience than most other books I’ve reviewed. If you’re a college age male looking to rethink how you approach women, then this book is for you.

Many of the stories and examples provided in this book are based on college life experience. This is understandable since the author, Joseph Matthews, wrote it when he was in his mid-twenties.

Some of the approaches specified will seem outlandish if you’re a mature guy (in the thirty plus range). Despite this, I found The Art Of Approaching to be a very good book with plenty of high quality information for anyone.

Joseph describes the experience from his youth: Generally shy, and far from a ladies man. This all changed when he had a strong realization that urged him to take charge of his dating life. The motivation that made him learn how to approach and date beautiful women also led to him developing a business where he teaches other men to approach successfully.

If you’re a young guy who sees the amazing results that are possible to achieve with a solid foundation of dating knowledge, then you can feel CONFIDENT that you have selected a book that was written with you in mind. The advice this book provides can be used right away.approcah

According to the author 10 percent of the male population enjoy 90 percent of success when it comes to dating with women. As the book states, his goals is to put the reader into the 10 percent that are experiencing awesome dating success. Joseph also emphasizes that attracting women is a skill that can be learned. “Attraction is a skill, just like Basketball is a skill, or golfing is a skill, or carpentry, playing video games, and cooking. You’re not born knowing how to do these things. You LEARN how to do them.”

I agree with the above 100%. It is possible to learn a lot simply by trial an error, but I truly believe the best way to improve your dating life is by learning from someone who has been there before, made the hundreds of mistakes, and learned from them.

Essentially, that is what this book is about. Learning the shortcuts that Joseph has discovered through massive trial and error.

The book is easy to read, and it is packed with useful content. This puts it at 350+ pages of material that I found to be practical, and thought-provoking. The main premise that this The Art Of Approaching focuses on is the ideal way to introduce yourself to women in order to get a romantic encounter with them later on. The sections are organized in an easy-to-understand way: The Art of Body Language, The Art of Flirting, etc.

One quip I had with this book was the amount of theory presented early on. I think that the best way to learn is by doing, so I think that one of the best learning tools is practical examples. Fortunately, many of the later sections do have examples that illustrate perfectly the main points that Joseph Matthews was trying to get across. Another possible improvement could be reducing some of the chapters that focus on psychological analysis of why most men behave the way they do around women. Because of this, only on page 109 does the author let you know that the background information section is over, and that now you’re heading off into the first part of his approach method.

Despite this, let me state again that this book is absolutely FILLED with all sorts of great content that is sure to help the dating life of anyone reading it. But, you might need to read through a few sections that aren’t as applicable to you in order to get to the parts that will help your dating life greatly. The real-life examples are extremely well written, and you even get a glimpse into characters such as Mystery, Style, and Zan

The bottom line is that this big book on The Art of Approaching has a lot of great content that will be extremely useful for any guy that wants to improve his dating life. Add it to your dating manual collection today.

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