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How do you attract a beautiful woman? When it comes to dating, I haven’t always been a stud. I used to be really, really bad in this area of my life. Having said that, I’ve recently gone through massive amounts of success. I’m talking sex with a few different girls in one night, maintaining 3-4 open relationships with hotties, etc. Here’s a run down of what I’m doing now that I find WORKS. This is 100% field tested. I didn’t just conjure this stuff up: I tested that IT WORKS.

First, I’d like to say that money and looks can help, but I’m broke, and I drive a beat up 95′ civic. Its irrelevant to success with women. Your vibe is the most important thing that you have. It is your #1 asset. I can BS you and tell you that I’m not insecure right now, but that’s simply not true. I still feel down sometimes, but it is usually when I’m inside the house or in front of the computer. When I head outside I get in a zone and any insecure thoughts vanish. This is attributed to getting WAY outside of my comfort zone on a regular basis. Getting WAY outside of your comfort zone is the first step to attracting a beautiful woman.

So heres the rundown of attracting hotties:

1.)  You must go out. If you are not going out nothing is gonna happen. Your success is directly correlated with how frequently you head out to an environment where you can meet and talk to women. What helped me a lot here was being socila with everyone: Women AND men. You gotta understand that its OK to introduce yourself to strangers and start a conversation. Simply say, “Hi, my name is ____”, shake hands, and start a conversation. The key is not to expect anything. Just let the conversation flow.

2.) An important thing that I’ve come to understand is that the people who surround you are just as intimidated and insecure as you are. A good way to look at their initial bitchy/aggressive reaction toward you is to recognize that “they may just be nervous, that if I quit the conversation now, is gonna be a lose situation for both, that I need to stick here to help them overcome their fears”.This is where talking to everyone helps. Getting in that social vibing zone is so helpful to attracting beautiful women.

3.)Always remember that if youre in a club, party, or bar, don’t for a second stop interacting with people. Always keep talking. That is the best way to get the ball rolling, and to keep you in a social mood. Thats the type of mood that has led me to attracting beautiful women the same night that I’d meet them. If you’re at a place with darts, a dancefloor, or a pool table, all the better. You can invite the people you meet there to play games/dance.

4.) Go into the place assuming everyone likes you, and they are your friend. Relax as you would with a close group of friends. Forget about trying to impress people. It is much more attractive to be relaxed and “with nothing to prove” in these situations.

5.) This one is a bit ballsy, but it is a huge component to attraction. You should always follow your gut about what you want. Think of what you want to happen in the interaction, and take the right action necessary to make it happen. If you want to talk to a certain girl, do it. If you want to hug her, hug her. Be in the moment (I’ve found that attracting beautiful women has become A LOT easier once I let my body do what it felt like doing). If you want to be alone with her, take her with you, if you want to reward a girl for something she said, do it, if you want to punish her for something she said, do it.

6.) Remember that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing for your self amusement. You have to feel, and believe that you’re your own party. Feel good, and feel great about yourself when you’re socially interacting with people.You are a fun dude, and you’re bringing the fun to the party. The group is not bringing this fun to you. Your fun depends on what you do, not on what the others are saying/doing. Your mindset should be that of, “The coolest thing going on is going on right here with ME”. Even if you’re having a simple conversation, that’s the coolest thing going on at that time. Girls find that extremely attracting. Being so in the zone is highly magnetic.

7.) Speak loud, laugh loud. These are alpha male attraction characteristics 101. Good voice volume draws attention to you right away. Also look into her eyes. Maintaining strong eye contact is important to create attraction, and create rapport with the girl.

8.) Escalate the interaction. Having the above mental attitude pointers to attracting beautiful women, you MUST escalate the interaction. This means initiating physical contact when you feel like you want to touch the girl (in a non-creepy way of course). Escalating is also done by giving her a wide range of emotions. Discussing stuff about sex is great for this:

Have you done a threesome?
Do you like doggy style?
Are you loud in bed?
Does your boyfriend likes to watch?
Have you kissed a girl?

You make the conversation sexual, you are not apologetic about what is it that you want to do or say. Don’t wait for her to show a sign of attraction before escalating. Theres a LOT of girls that are not secure about showing attraction toward a guy because they fear getting shut down. You should escalate regardless. Worst case scenario you two don’t click, and you’re off to find a girl who you can click with.

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