8 Body Language Attraction Tips

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Body language plays a huge role in getting a woman interested in you. A lot of guys think that you need to do whatever everyone else is doing, and are afraid to stand out from the crowd. Remember, if you’re doing average things, you’ll get average results.

To get great results you need to do things that others aren’t doing. Here are the top body language attraction tips that you have to follow. If you choose to ignore these body language mistakes, you will be subcommunicating neediness, and that you’re not a sex-worthy guy:

Top 8 Body Language Attraction Tips:

1.) Speaking too fast. This is a biggie, and something I used to do all the time. People who speak too fast sound like they are trying to “get it all out” before they lose the other person’s attention. It gives off an anxious, low self-confidence vibe that kills attraction. Alpha males speak slowly, and with confidence. Everything that an alpha male says is important, and meaningful.

2.) Touching your face when you talk. It subcommunicates nervousness, that you’re indecisive, or that you’re shy. Avoid it all together. This is another thing I used to do often until I realized how much it was hurting my game. Keep your hands in a relaxed position (and make sure not to fiddle with them while you’re speaking to someone else).

3.) Looking down. A body language attraction point that screams, “I’m NOT dominant”. When you look down while someone is talking to you, you’re basically telling them that they are more dominant than you are. Don’t give your power away. Maintain strong eye contact instead. Choose one eye to look at, and do it. This was one of the body language attraction mistakes that has held me down most before I corrected it.

4.) Eye contact. Something really important. A lot of guys are scared to do this, but I’ve found that it is HUGE in creating attraction. Don’t stare at the girl creepily, but do maintain strong eye contact. If you want to go for the kiss looking from eye-to-eye to her lips is a good way to do it. Once you see her look at your lips, or when you see her lips move, go in for the kiss. Works like a charm.

5.) Using “ah” and “um”. People that use these often are trying to prevent others from interrupting them. If you’re an alpha male, you know that others won’t interrupt you. That’s why avoiding those little partial words is key. It will make you sound more confident and determined.

6.) Slouching. This is a huge no-no. Have a comfortable body language that says, “I’m comfortable, and feel good inside”. Slouching says, “I’m weak, and don’t feel good about myself”. If you do this regularly, make sure to change it right now. Slouching is probably the most unattractive thing on this list. Don’t stand too straight, but do have your shoulders back, and your back in an upright position. Check out Brad Pitt in any of his movies for an idea of what this looks like. He’s a guy that is always portraying great body language attraction.

7.) Being afraid to initiate physical contact with a girl. You need to be able to touch a woman if you want to have sex with her. In fact, if you leave off touching till the end it will make her more uncomfortable. You gotta feel relaxed, and be able to touch her at will. Make it effortless and natural. Tap the side of her arm when you’re talking, and don’t be afraid to put your arm around her for a bit if you’re walking side by side.

8.) Turning your head fast when someone wants your attention. Do give them your attention, but don’t do it right away as if you’re at their command.

These are the top 8 body language attraction tips that I’ve used in order to get as much as I could from my non-verbal subcommunication with women. I highly recommend that you review the list, and make sure to correct any of the mistakes that you find yourself doing.

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