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withoutembarassment-Slide-PAre you the type of guy who is really shy around women? Do you sometimes get an anxious feeling that translates into fear when you are around beautiful women? These are the types of feelings that I’d encounter on a regular basis a few years ago.

If the above applies to you, you’re in the right place. Mike Pilinski wrote “Without Embarrassment” specifically to help you get over your fear. Mike uses the term Severe Rejection Hyper-Sensitivity (SRHS) to describe the above symptoms. With “Without Embarrassment”, Mike’s goal is to help you identify the cause of this condition, and work towards eliminating the devastating effects that it can have over your love life.

Michael Pilinski didn’t always possess the awesome skill in approaching women that he now has. He used to be a rejection-hypersensitive guy whose inability to feel comfortable around women created some serious problems for his sex life. After deciding that “enough was enough” Michael got on a journey of discovering the reasons behind his shyness, as well as lots of experimental interactions with women. This led to him discovering some key realizations about the way that women view men. One of the key principles that he emphasizes in the book is the importance of being viewed as a High Status Male.

This book is collection of all of most important lessons that Mike Pilinski has managed to learn after he committed himself to getting the dating area of his life handled. One of the most useful tools I found in “Without Embarrassment” was the Male Dominance Scale. It is a scale that women use to grade a man as someone who is sex-worthy, or not. You can use it to see how well you rank. This really opened up my eyes as it provided as an objective way to rank how women view me.

His subtitle for the book is “The Social Coward’s Totally Fearless Seduction System”. After having read the book I agree that this sums up the content quite well.

What You Will Find Inside

You’ll find seven fully-detailed chapters in “Without Embarrassment” plus a few appendices that add material, such as a male dominance scale test that can be used to determine your current “worth” in the eyes of women.

Mike’s book is written from the perspective of a guy who is genuinely interested in the subject of dating. He is not

writing for this genre to make a quick buck. Rather, the content reads with a degree of maturity and sophistication. As an example, the beginning of the book talks about the courting rituals that the Greek Spartans used hundreds of years ago. He makes the comparison to modern courting rituals. With content such as this he delves much deeper than most of the other authors in this genre.

“Without Embarrassment” also goes into enough detail discussing how your genes haven’t evolved as much as your surroundings have. This causes conflict between the way your brain responds to social and physical stimuli. As a consequence, a conflict between the two often arises. This is the same conflict that causes you to feel awkward and shy

around women.

Having gone into theory this book also gives you practical steps toward approaching women with no fear. Michael

Pilinski says it best, `”You will learn some of the classiest methods imaginable to influence and seduce the kind of great looking girls that you’ve always fantasized about having”. Pilinski’s method of doing this is by teaching you how to act like a High-Status Dominant Male.

It was interesting to see how seriously Pilinski takes dating. This probably has something to do with him not being a physically attractive guy, and not having the type of personality to offset that. You can feel for the rejections that he has had to face learning all of the valuable lessons that are enclosed in those pages.

One of the main points that is re-inforced throughout the book is that women respond to actions rather than looks. This is illustrated with the male dominance scale. How women react to you, and their level of attractiveness depends on your character, and how you handle yourself.

So, my overall message for ”Without Embarrassment” is 2 thumbs way up. This is the best book about overcoming the fear of approaching women that I’ve come across so far. If you are the kind of guy who feels he may have some of the symptoms of Rejection Hypersensitivity syndrome that Michael Pilinski describes I would label ”Without Embarrassment” as simply a MUST READ.

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