Brad P. Talks About Belief in Yourself, Reference Points, and Travel

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I came across this article from I recommend you guys check it out for inspiration (Brad P is an executive coach with RSD, and he’s really great at the bootcamps he does with those guys).

I remember walking through the streets of Vancouver one night. I had just been coming into a new rockstar-level of success.

Just finishing up an intense filming session in LA with Tyler, I was OWNING shit.

As I walked through the moonlit streets with my buddy Gsaad from RSDNation, he asked me a question. “So what is the difference between guys who have sporadic results, and the guys who PULL consistently?”

I hadn’t really thought about it before, and it caught me off guard.

It took me a while, but I realized what it is.

Self Trust.


It really clicked when I went back and looked at all my old field reports, which are on the forum by the way if any of you guys are interested in seeing my progress…

I realized that all the old little lines that I used to do, 2 years ago, all the little hugs and hip bumps, the stupid faces, whatever…. They are all the same now.

I do EXACTLY the same thing.

What is the difference between now and then?

Self trust.


At the time I was doing those things with probably 85% belief. Enough to get some stellar results, but not like now.

Now it is like 98%.

Where does that level of trust and confidence come from?

Talking to girls in 35 countries, going out to the toughest nightclubs 6 days a week for almost 2 years, teaching it, and gaining secondhand reference points from my friends and clients successes as well.

I have MILLIONS of reference points confirming that these laws of attraction we teach at RSD work.

And the thing is, it might not be the best method. But the fact that I believe in it so strongly… Makes it work.


Let’s take a look at why the natural guy, the guy who doesn’t need to study this material, gets the results he does.

It is because most of those guys have MASSIVE blind spots, and they don’t even recognize when things aren’t going their way. Yet somehow their reality wins out and people fall into their frame.

It is like they have this one track playlist in their head on repeat, “I’m the boss. I’m the fucking boss. I’m the fucking boss.”


And anything the girl does, they can just rationalize to reconfirm this.

The girl says, “Fuck you!”

He interprets it as her playing hard to get.

She says, “Your shirt is gay!”

He thinks she is flirting.

And the girl just falls into that frame.

It’s the old social dynamics self fulfilling prophecy.

Now most guys who get into this industry, start studying this whole “success with women” business, because they are on the opposite end.

They are usually HYPER sensitive to the girl’s reactions.


“Oh, does she like me? How’s my body language? How’s my tonality? Did she just turn away? Is this shirt cool? What about my hair?”

A lot of what I do on bootcamp is blow past all these misconceptions that a client might have, and then prove it to him in real life that HE IS ENOUGH!

You need to realize that your head is like a supercomputer. It only has so much mental RAM to determine how to respond or act in a given situation.

If 20% is paying attention to the girls responses, 20% is worried about your body language, 20% is worried about what you are saying, 20% is worried about your tonality, how much mental energy do you have left to actually pay attention to what the girl is saying?

How much of your mental energy can actually be used MOVING THINGS FORWARD?!

Not much.

So again, a big reason that clients have success after bootcamp is because they get an expert to tell them what they are doing wrong… But ultimately it usually is more about what they are doing right!

EVERY PROGRAM I get guys asking about their tonality, how they dress, whatever insecurity they might have and I always respond…

“Dude, if that were an issue, I’d tell you! Stop worrying about it!”

Again, it frees up your mind to actually LISTEN TO THE GIRL!

Guy and Girl

What a novel concept, active listening, and then you usually don’t run out of things to say because you are actually paying attention to her.

And you can move on to more important trains of thought like what the logistics of the situation are, and what you need to do to escalate/isolate/pull/close properly.

So besides coming on bootcamp and having an expert point out what you are doing right and wrong, how can you develop more self trust on your own?

Well reading all these articles is a start. The brain sees so many continual reinforcements that the RSD method of building attraction is the proper way of doing things, and you really do come to believe it. It is also reinforcing to see other people utilizing the same techniques and succeeding as well.

But ultimately it is the experience of YOU getting out there and actually putting the concepts into practice, realizing that nothing special is needed to get that girl. You can just “Be yourself”. As vague as that sound, any guy leaving my bootcamp knows EXACTLY what that means.

I know EXACTLY what that is for me. And again, it was only after getting out there and doing it countless times that I came to this realization.

Self trust.


Another huge benefit of the lifestyle I live as a pickup coach is that I get continual reinforcement that I am the shit, the RSD method is the shit, and building up that self trust.


World travel.

You start seeing patterns in every new country. You see the overarching scheme of how attraction works, and how it is the same everywhere.

Just last month I was in the Dominican Republic, and whenever I am in a new country there is always a little bit of that self doubt, “Is this going to work here too?!”

But just like in every other country, when at the end of the night you’ve got a girl chasing you down, the best 19 year old I’ve ever kissed actually, and another country to add to the list, it reaffirms that belief.

I am the shit.

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