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Art of Approaching Book Review

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009No Commented
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This book is geared toward a younger audience than most other books I’ve reviewed. If you’re a college age male looking to rethink how you approach women, then this book is for you. Many of the stories and examples provided in this book are based on college life experience. This is understandable since the author, […]

Book Review: Approach Without Embarrassment

Thursday, October 22nd, 20092 Commented
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Are you the type of guy who is really shy around women? Do you sometimes get an anxious feeling that translates into fear when you are around beautiful women? These are the types of feelings that I’d encounter on a regular basis a few years ago. If the above applies to you, you’re in the […]

Book Review: Become an Alpha Male

Thursday, October 22nd, 20099 Commented
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If you have had a couple of girlfriends in the past, but haven’t yet learned what to do in order to get the quality of women that you truly desire, then this may be the book you’ve been searching for. The author is not an arrogant, cocky dude. John is 39, and his style of […]