Clubbing Guide: 7 Steps To Ensure An Awesome Night Out

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This clubbing guide is what I use whenever I go out with the goal to come home with a new girl. Following these steps maximizes my chances of pulling a girl home, and it ensures that I’m having a blast:

  • Clubbing Guide Step 1: Social mood right off the bat, even before heading out.

It’s important to get talkative an hour before going clubbing. When I go downtown on the subway, my friends and I always practice projecting our voices by talking loud, making jokes, and getting in a good mood. If there are any girls around, this is the perfect time to approach them. The most important clubbing guide pointer is to get social as soon as possible,and to stay social through out the night. If there is a cute girl sitting in front of you and your friend one of you has to talk to her. Say, “Hi” at the very least. This clubbing guide step is the most important one to follow.

Keep up this social vibe on the way to the club, in the line-up, with the coat check people, bouncers, etc. It makes it much easier to keep up the talking once you’re inside. And we all know that talking is the first step to sex. Plus this keeps you from getting inside of your head.

  • Clubbing Guide Step 2: Go talk to girls that you think are “out of your league”.

This is huge among the male population. The “out of your league” term shouldn’t even exist for you. If you want to get laid with hotties, your mind has to be set right from the start. Its like any type of competition, you have to be mentally ready to win before you can actually win. Whenever limiting beliefs enter your mind, take a deep breath and let those limiting beliefs drift away. You should believe that you can go out with any girl in the club because she would benefit from knowing such a high value guy.

  • Clubbing Guide Step 3: Stay in uncomfortable situations for a little bit longer.

This is where growth happens. A lot of times it’ll social interactions will get awkward, and you’ll want to leave the girl you’re talking to. Don’t do it. You’re blowing a perfectly good chance to have a great learning experience. There’s obviously a time where you burn your bridges with her and nothing good will come from further interaction. However, sometimes her unresponsive exterior is just a big test. The only way to find out is to stick in there for an extra 1-2 minutes.

  • Clubbing Guide Step 4: Stop caring what the spectators think, they don’t matter.

This is your show. When I go to the club it’s the Vlad show, and I’m there to shine. Everyone’s invited to partake in the great time I’m having. Spectators that are standing on the sidelines sipping on their drinks in the shadows don’t matter. If I approach a group of girls, and they tell me to fuck off, I could care less about the critics that laugh while standing on the sidelines sipping their drinks.

  • -Clubbing Guide Step 5: Go with friends that can be themselves.

Avoid going with people that are going to be judgmental, or general party poopers. When I go clubbing with my friends we do all sorts of stupid, funny stuff. Its fun, and we don’t take each other seriously. I have been out with some guys who would be so into their shell that they’d constantly try to look cool out there. Little did they realize that that made them spectators, not the “star attraction”. To have a great time regardless of the results you need to set yourself free from the expectations of others. Go with good friends that are not afraid to approach, and have fun.

  • Clubbing Guide Step 6: Alcohol is optional, but is definitely not necessary.

I went clubbing A LOT last summer. My main goal was to have 2 new dates every week.  The cover costs for the clubs would pile up quick by themselves… imagine that plus alcohol! On a starving college student’s budget, that lifestyle would be next to impossible to sustain. I pre-drank a few times, but that got expensive too, so I went 100% sober to clubs.

This is a crazy concept for most people to grasp, but you don’t need alcohol to be yourself. Focus on making the night your show, and things will flow naturally with or without booze. Most people feel much better when they have a few drinks to loosen up. Thats OK, but don’t become dependent on it, and don’t over do it. I’ve messed up plenty of opportunities to get laid by saying the funny one-liner instead of smooth talking my way to to the bedroom.

  • Clubbing Guide Step 7: Smell good, and dress clean clothes.

This should be obvious, but there’s dudes that don’t do it, and are wondering why they’re not getting laid. Make sure you always have some gum/condoms as well.

There you have it, the top clubbing guide steps for ensuring that you`ll have as much fun as possible, while having the greatest chances of hook up success.

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