Dating Help for Men: 6 Steps to Dating Success

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If you’re a guy that is currently having trouble with your dating life, I can totally relate. There was a period in my life when talking to women was very difficult. My hands would get sweaty, and even my knees would even start shaking when I’d try to do that. Not to mention stuttering, and getting my back to tighten up. The good news is that those are not the natural responses you should be having. They are all psychologically manifested. This means that theoretically you can date beautiful women. I am living proof of that. I went from being dateless to getting a couple of dates a month, to having a consistent girlfriend for over a year. Now the interesting part, how did I do it?

Here is a step by step guide for dating help for men:

1.) You need to commit yourself to becoming better at dating long term. If this goal is the most important thing in your life right now, you need to “sign a contract” with yourself that you will not quit trying to improve this area of your life for the next 18 months. You’ll have some heartbreaking moments along the way, and I need you to commit to persevere now, rather than trying to do that during the heartbreaking moments.

2.) Write your ultimate goal on a piece of paper. Put it beside your bed so that you see it before you go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning. This could be to get a girlfriend; it could be to have sex with a new girl every week, etc. When you read that goal over, VISUALIZE what it would be like to achieve that goal. Make the visualization as real and vivid as possible.

3.) Read some dating help for men material. Don’t get too caught up in learning everything out there though, a book or two should be more than enough to get you started. In dating, the most important thing is action, not reading a ton of material that will make you an expert. I highly recommend Become An Alpha Male. That book is great at presenting all of the main concepts, as well as intricate principles to get your dating life in order. Read that book, and use it as a reference point. Make sure to apply the things that are taught in it. That bears repeating twice: Make sure to APPLY the things taught in the book. Simply reading it will not help you date beautiful women. Applying the concepts, and seeing what works for you on a long term basis is what WILL help you date beautiful women.

4.) Now, decide on a daily activity that would help get you closer to that goal. For me it was talking to 5 new girls every day. I did that for the first month or so until I started to get a bunch of phone numbers from the girls I was approaching. Write your to-do list for these daily activities before you go to bed. Look at it in the morning, and carry it with you throughout the day.

Some ideas for the daily “dating help for men” daily activities:

-talking to 5 new girls every day

-calling 5 girls every day

-trying to set up a date with 5 girls every day

5.) Get an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all your numbers. Make sure you are always doing the daily goals. They will determine how QUICKLY you will achieve the main goal that you desire. The excel spreadsheet also allows you to see any patterns that are developing. For example, you may notice that after the first 2 months you’re getting 2 phone numbers for every 10 approaches. A month later you might average out 3 phone numbers for 10 approaches. That’s a great way to gauge your progress.

6.) Commit to the above dating help for men steps no matter how hard it gets. You already signed a contract with yourself for 18 months. Persevere no matter how heartbreaking things get. During that time you are guaranteed to have 6-9 “crisis” points where you want to give up. Between those “crisis” points you will have lots of setbacks, and problems. Continue regardless, and you will succeed. I guarantee that.

This is a method that I’ve recommended to many people who are now seeing AMAZING results. I’m sure you can replicate their success if you follow through with all the steps outlined in this Dating Help for Men article.

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