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Make sure your profile stands out. It has to be unique, and show her why she should message you as opposed to the 234234 other guys on the dating website.

A shorter read is generally better. I've had the best results with a profile in the 250-350 words range. That is usually more than enough to convey all you need to convey. Your profile should highlight your best characteristics (Demonstrations of Higher Value-DHV). And throw a couple of things that make you look human. You need to talk about your most positive qualities while at the same time throwing a coupe of "slight negatives" (i.e. showing sensitive side) to make sure it doesn’t appear too good to be true. On a completely unrelated note, GPS for cars is an awesome resource for GPS systems.

These “negatives” should be things that will make a girl MORE attracted to you. For example, mentioning that there’s movies you cried in, that your family is really important to you, or some other sensitive side of yours.

I like to throw in some qualifiers as well. For example, I'll mention the following:

Living with different cultures is really cool, and I’ve lived in South Africa, and El Salvador” then ask the girl ”are you a person that likes to travel? ;) ". This is good because it sets up a screening frame to the interaction. You're stating that you are interested in a certain type of woman, and that she'll have to meet your standards in order for you to hook up with her. Also, an important dating profile advice is to make sure your profile is as close as possible to being 100% honest!

Another qualifier is, “I’m really fit and love to play sports. If you’re someone that likes to stay active, that’s a big plus =) ”. I use that one a lot because it relates to me. The best way to qualify is to use a characteristic that a girl needs to have in order for you to think of her as "girlfriend material". Qualifiers are a really important part of any dating profile advice.

Make sure to mention that you’re looking for personality as well as looks. This is especially important at hooking up with girls that are a little insecure. For example, I like to say in the profile, “I’m looking for someone with great energy who has more going for them than just their looks”. That’s a line that will get you lots of 7s and 8s really interested. It will also show the 9s and 10s that you care about personality. Its really a win-win thing to use.

Make sure that you mention enough DHV (demonstrations of higher value), qualifiers, sensitive side, and that you care about something other than looks in your profile. That’s the basic cookie-cutter formula that has worked very well for me. Make sure to sprinkle in some humor to let the girl know that you don't take things too seriously.

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A good dating profile advice tip is listing a bunch of interests. Many of the searches look at interests as a way to rank your potential matches. To add to that, you can also take some of the different personality tests that the sites provide. I don’t think that the tests say anything too realistic, but many of the girls really look into those and may message you just based on the test result. So they can increase your chances nicely.

Dating profile advice example #1:

Since all the profiles on here are practically the same, here's what i'm not:

The first thing you'll notice about my profile is that I have my shirt on in every single one of my pics. Shocking isn't it??!! I also don't have any pics of me posing like a real weiner next to my car- seriously who cares what I drive?!

Go on...

I don't wear my hat sideways, or backwards, and yes there's a curve on the brim of my hat.
I don't pop my collar.
I don't wear man bling.
I won't take longer than you to get ready.
I don't seriously say words like "G", "boo", "yo", or end any of my words with a "z".

What I have...

I have wicked fun job, and a great life. I lead an active lifestyle, and I'm a lot of fun to be around. I think family and friends are really important, and I'm highly passionate about those relationships. I'm looking for a girl that can hold her own in a conversation, and has something going for her other than great looks.

That's a good way to spin the fact that many dating sites have a ton of guys that are douchebags. Its also a perfect way to stand out from the crowd, and be unique. Plus it has DHVs of a fun job (which the profile doesn't state--that makes the girl message me to find out more), a great life, and an active lifestyle. There's the added bit about the qualifier at the end. And the profile is short and to the point. Some dating profile advice that could have made it better would be to include more information about who he is. Some girls will want to know more before they send that first message.

Dating profile advice example #2:

I'm a pretty down to earth guy. I'm currently in college taking business and have quite a few goals I'm looking to accomplish in my life. I think that its important to stay focused on the things you want to achieve, and I find focused, amitious women sexy =) I'm pretty relaxed and enjoy hanging out with my buddies and having a good laugh.

I'm a country boy - love dogs and the outdoors. There's nothing like being outside having fun!

Enjoy going to the gym- gives me a place to focus my attention. A secret side of mine is that I actually enjoy cooking, and watch the food network for recipe ideas all the time :P

I enjoy going out but I'm not a huge bar guy- worked at a few bars and it's just not my first choice of entertainment. I'd much prefer to go for coffee or tea with some stimulating conversation. Best way to get to know someone if you're meeting for the first time ;)

I'm straight forward and don't like head games. I'm just a mature guy and that stuff really doesn't interest me. I have traveled a lot when I was younger, and am really grateful for the life experience that living in 3rd world countries has given me. I feel like I have a lot to give, and love volunteering in my spare time.

This is another pretty good profile. Short, sweet, to the point. Shows DHV's of working at bars (bad boy), well traveled, a softer side (loves to cook), and ambition (in school, and have big goals lined up for the future). You guys can borrow ideas from the above, but I'd recommend having a profile that is unique, and speaks about YOU. A dating profile advice tip for this profile would be to experiment with adding info, or taking away info to see if that affects the response ratio of your messages.

I'll have another couple of posts that will be specifically about dating profile advice topics like writing messages and selecting the right pictures.

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