First Date Tips for Men

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These first date tips for men are based on years of experimentation with dating that I’ve done personally. This is an area of dating where guys constantly make mistakes. They think that the first date should be as romantic as possible. Through lots of experience, I’ve learned that this doesn’t work well at all. Make sure you DON’T take her to a fancy dinner, or something that she will associate with an official “date” setting. The “date” setting will make her get into a “this guy is a beta male” mindset. I mean, you’re rewarding her before she has done anything to earn your affection. As an alpha male you should only reward her for good behavior. The last thing alpha males do is spend money on women in order to get laid.

First date tips for men: Date mindset. Don’t concentrate on getting laid. Have the mindset of a guy that gets sex regularly, and doesn’t have to work for it very hard. Women can sense your desperation, and will find it extremely unattractive. Try to stay relax and vibe with her. Talk about general topics while you maintain strong eye contact, and confident body language. A great book that mantions all of the body language essentials and teaches you to become an alpha male is Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander.

First date tips for men: Where to take her. Instead of the above expensive date, take her to somewhere completely informal. A coffee shop or a cheap diner place for lunch is good. Don’t make a big deal out of who pays for what. In fact, if you’re shown some alpha male characteristics before, she will often gladly oblige to pay. The last 3-4 girls that I’ve gone on dates with have paid for themselves, or offered to pay for me. This is because it makes them feel more comfortable. When they pay they don’t feel obligated to put out. This takes away the casual relaxed setting that works best.

Coffee shops are great because they are public (she feels safe), highly informal (no strings attached), and only cost a couple of bucks. Another good venue choice is a place that has a bar in the restaurant. This offers you the opportunity to get drinks after dinner. It will look really natural as well. Remember, alcohol lets us do what we want to do in the first place (but are scared of the social repercussions).

I usually have one coffee shop that I frequent. It is located close to my house so that I can take her from the coffee shop to my house easily. I always tip the workers well, and make small talk with them. That way, whenever I bring a new girl over, she sees that I have a high social status and that people like me. This perceived status is really important to women, and it will help your game LOTS.

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