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These guy dating tips are the result of me calling women for dates thousands of times. Today, many people have difficulty with talking on the phone with someone they are not familiar with. This isn’t a problem that only afflicts a younger, more internet dependent demographic. I’ve talked to plenty adults who get nervous about talking to women, or business prospects on the phone. With the increase in internet communication, being good on the phone can be one way to set you apart from all the other guys that email/IM/text her.
The most important thing with phone game is having the cojones to do it. So I usually will call a girl right when I’m nervous about doing it. That nervousness is a good feeling because it means you’re about to act despite your fears. Here are 7 guy dating tips for calling girls:

1.) Prepare:
Begin by jotting down a few interesting things that happened to you in the past few days. Don’t write elaborate paragraphs, but a few words about topics of conversation. For example, today I went out and got some kick ass fruit salad, watched slumdog millionaire, and I just finished up a hard workout at home. These can be my 3 “go to” topics in case the conversation starts to die out. Elaborating on each one of those topics, and making a couple of jokes can lead to a several of minutes of conversation.

2.) Crack a few jokes:
This guy dating tip is key. Guys that are naturals with women have a good sense of humour, and joke around a lot. The best way to do this is to bust on her a little bit for something that she did. You’re not making fun of her as much as you are teasing her. This is really important on the phone and in your daily interactions as well. This type of teasing peaks their interest toward you (if you’re face to face, you’ll know you’re teasing her right if she starts hitting you lightly, pushing you away playfully, or laughing about whatever it is you’re saying).

3.) Lead:
As with most things that are related to guy dating tips, you need to lead. Lead the conversation where you want it to go. This doesn’t mean to be talking most of the time, but know that when she is talking about something it is because you’re down with that topic. If she starts discussing something you’re not OK with, change the conversation to something that you want to talk about. The leading aspect is very important to your dating life in general. One of the books that illustrates this perfectly is “Become An Alpha Male”. Read my review by clicking here.

4.) Tonality:
Hum before calling her. Basically make the type of “ohmm” sounds that people do when they’re meditating for yoga. When you’re humming, take your voice to high levels, and to low levels to get a good range going. Right before dialing the number hum in a low baritone for about 5-7 seconds. Apart from subtle relaxation reasons, this helps your voice have more resonance, make it deeper, and more dominant. This is a subtle guy dating tip that is often overlooked, but I’ve found it to be pretty useful.
5.) Call her by her name: Don’t go crazy with this one, but using her name a bunch is good for creating comfort, and building rapport.

6.) Availability:
Similar to when you’re kissing her, be the first person to say bye.  This shows that you’re a busy dude that has a bunch of stuff going on in your life. You took some valuable time out of your schedule to talk to her, and she should be appreciative towards that. You’re not a needy friend that has all the time in the world to talk to her. This also provides dominance (you’re in control).

7.) Stay comfortable:
You need to sound like you’re in the zone. This is best accomplished by sitting down in a comfortable position where you are relaxed.
So there you have it, Vlad’s 7 guy dating tips for calling women on the phone. I’d like to mention that experimenting, and finding out what works for you can be just as beneficial as using the above guidelines.

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