How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

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get back with your ex girlfriend
“How to get back with your ex girlfriend?” is something that everyone desires to know. It is a common emotionally draining question that everyone will face at one point or another. The answer that I am going to give here is not conventional, and you won’t find this type of thing in any Hollywood movies, or the latest 17teen magazine. However, this is based on my personal experience of the situation. I’ve also taken bits and pieces from “How to get back with your ex girlfriend” ebook.

How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #1: Stay strong as a man. This means that you should not call her, text her, write her long winded handwritten notes sent by pigeon, etc. You can have your grieving process, but don’t leave your grieving on her answering machine. What I’m saying is you need to move on with your life as a man. There’s nothing more unattractive than having a man emotionally crushed, and doing everything to get a woman’s attention. That reeks of desperation, and it has never worked well. Stop the neediness. Leave that shit for the other 90% of the male population that have trouble getting laid.

How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #2: Examine the breakup. Who broke up with who? What was the reason for the breakup. If you broke up with the girl because of her character flaw (i.e. she leaves the toilet seat down in your house), then you need to realize that you will not be able to change her. If you don’t like the girl’s personality, you’re SOL (that stands for “shit out of luck” for my foreign readers), so just go find another girl. If you broke up because of a specific situation that arose, then you might be in the clear—a second chance might still work out.

How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #3: Move on with life, and work on yourself as a person. This is key right here. You need to work on yourself, and become a stronger, better person. Don’t think of this as being something you’re doing to get back with your ex girlfriend. Think of it as something you’re doing for yourself. Girls love guys that are driven, motivated, and self-starters (don’t believe me? Look at who the hottest chicks are dating). Shit’s like catnip for chicks, for real.

Point being, no girl wants to go back to the same dude that eats nachos on the couch and plays Metal Gear Solid 2 all day. That’s why this breakup is a blessing in disguise. It can be the one thing that lights a fire under your ass to get your shit together. I know I’ve been emotionally crushed after breakups a bunch. And instead of letting them beat me up; I used that emotional void in my soul to drive me to success.

How to get back with your ex girlfriend tip #4: Don’t rely on her logic. NEVER try to convince girls or women on a logical basis. Why? Because emotions are EVERYTHING for women. If you want her back, you’ll have to get her emotions in the right spot. The best way to do this is not by being a passive-aggressive manipulative asshole. But rather, as I pointed above, by getting your shit together and letting her see that. That is when you contact her via facebook, text, phone, whatever, and get a chance at having her back. Only after you’ve done the above. This will maximize your chances of getting back together & maintaining a healthy relationship.

Which brings me to How to get back with your ex girlfriend conclusion. As you can see on the above, much of getting your ex back is out of your hands. The best strategy that has worked for me is:

1)      Show her that you can live without her. In fact, you improve yourself a lot after the separation.

2)      Make sure to do the above, and not EVER think of the breakup as, “I’m not good enough so I’ll work on myself”. That is the wrong thinking pattern to have. Think of it more along the lines of, “We’re broken up, ok. I think I’d enjoy life more if I dedicated myself to becoming a better man. Time to do that”. That is the most attractive thing you can do.

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get back with your ex girlfriend

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