How to Tongue Kiss – Kiss Despite Being Nervous

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How to tongue kiss article by Vlad

Psychologically speaking, the eye has always been more than just an organ that detects light and sends a signal along the optic nerve to the brain. The bible mentions that, “The eyes are likened to the windows of the heart” (Mark 7:20-23). And lots of faux-pas cold-reader psychics will charge you upwards of hundreds of dollars an hour per palm reading to tell you that the eyes are truly a window to the soul. We try to stay away from that stuff here at Best Dating Manual. So instead let’s concentrate on getting laid …and goals, positivity, and reaching your potential, but what’s that got to do with hot girls anyway ;)?

So what does that have to do with how to tongue kiss?

It is much harder to do if she is looking at you. Eye contact plays a huge role in sub-communicating dominance. Plus your brain keeps freaking out when you’re leaning in saying stuff like, “oh no, she can see me, what if she pulls away, OMG OMG OMG”. That’s why a lot of times a guy will be in the following situation:

You’re both sober, chilling on a couch, there’s awesome physical contact, she’s playing with her hair, the light is dimmed. I.E. all you need to do is go for it. You escalate physically little by little. But you simply don’t know how to tongue kiss her. This is something that an alpha male wouldn’t have an issue with. And John Alexander explains this perfectly in Become an Alpha Male.

If you’ve ever been in the above scenario, here is another way go for the kiss: After there’s lots of physical contact going on, tell the girl to close her eyes. Then gently put your hand on the side of her cheek (this is not mandatory), and as you’re doing that, go in for the kiss. Smooth as butter my friends.

The above works REALLY well. Here are some actual tips of how to tongue kiss well:

1.) Don’t be too aggressive, but rather take it slow and relaxed. Make it an intimate kissing experience for both of you.

2.) Put you hand on the side of her cheek, or gently caress/pull her hair. Make sure your hands are touching her instead of having them at your sides.

3.) Close your eyes. Girls like that more, and it looks king of creepy if both of you have your eyes open.

4.) Pull away from the kiss first. This is really important, and it will keep the sexual tension up because she will want more kisses from you.

I used this for the first time last year. I had a miserable dry spell going on, met up with this girl, was over at her place cuddling, and couldn’t find the courage to just go for it (probably due to not hooking up with anyone for a while). Anyway, this closing the eyes bit worked awesome in that situation.

This method is nice, but don’t rely on it all the time. Experiment, and get to a point where you can just go for it. Being able to go for the make out “balls-out-style” will pay huge dividends in your confidence. You’ll find that it also improves other areas of your game as well. On a very fundamental level, being the type of man that goes for what he wants no matter what the situation is very attractive. What I’m trying to say is use this technique sparingly, and try to get yourself toward a “go for broke” attitude.

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