Jersey Shore Dating Advice: Check Out Pauly D’s Game

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Everyone’s heard of Jersey Shore. The MTV show that took the Nielsen ratings by storm last year. It’s a show about a bunch of guido girls and guys living in one house together. Like Big Brother- only with orange tans, tattoos, and Italians instead.

There are a lot of people watching the show, and I’d like to briefly comment on the game that these guys possess. Being followed with cameras all the time shows high value. That means that when these guys hit the club, they already have the attention on them. This makes picking up girls easier, yet some of these dudes still fuck it up. I’m writing a series of articles “case study” style on these dudes, so check back for more analysis.

First off, let me start by saying that Pauly D has the best game in the house. If you want to see great game in action, just take note on how this guy talks/acts around girls. There’s no doubt in my mind that he gets laid the most out of the dudes in the house. He’s got a winner’s attitude, and his game is tight.

Pauly truly shines in the latest episode of season 2 (aired Thursday Sept 16th). He provides value in most of his interactions. Apart from that, he goes 1 on 1 against the situation at the club. They both pull girls home, and pauly’s chick is down to fuck (DTF) while the situation’s chick freaks out at him and leaves. This was probably because the situation was doing something crazy like putting his finger in the chick’s butt before sex. If you ever want to finger a chick’s ass you should do it slowly while fucking her doggy style. Make sure you massage her bum first before working your finger in there, but I digress.

Since Pauly’s girl leaves too, he decides on calling some numbers from the club. A lot don’t pick up, but the one that does decides to come see him at 6 a.m. If a chick comes out to see you on such short notice she’s obviously DTF.

Instead of being a nice wing and leaving, the situation gets a sandwich and eats it in the same room while they’re hooking up. Weak game by the Situation! To add insult to injury, he tries talking to Pauly while Pauly is literally in bed about to fuck the chick. As a good wing you should forget about nursing your bruised ego, and just let your roommate hook up.

Pauly D continues his streak of awesome game by inviting another girl out to dinner. He keeps on busting her balls (teasing) her through out the interaction which is great. Take in this awesome snippet from the phone call for example:

Pauly:”So Vinny is bringing the girl that he loves over to a restaurant, and I wanted to bring the girl that I love to dinner as well… You can come too”.

The chick laughs, and her attraction increases. Big win for my man Pauly D! And its not only that he’s good around girls. He comforts Vinny really well when Vinny’s date doesn’t show up. Pauly also tries to hook up the situation after his date bolts out of their house. Its pretty awesome to see such a value giving dude.

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