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    The way you get a girl is to say, ‘No problem.’ Everything, no problem,” says a Russian mobster named Peter that’s sitting next to me at dinner. “If they late then you just have a drink alone. When they show up you say, ‘Hey, don’t worry about it.’ And you go on with the night. Everything is no problem forever and ever. Don’t call me back—no problem. See you on the street with another guy—no problem.”

    Peter now has the attention of the entire table. He moves his head from far left to far right in a sweeping gesture that’s so slow it makes me think he’s totally forgotten what the fuck he was talking about. After making sure everyone is silent, he adds, “…then…when she finally say those three words. When she finally say, ‘I love you’. YOU TURN THAT BITCH OVER AND YOU FUCKING PUNISH HER FOR ALL THE BULLSHIT SHE PUT YOU THROUGH!!!”

    Peter is a scary meathead who talks to trees, wears Zubas and is about to go to jail for double homicide. He’s also kind of right. The best way to get the girl you like is to be laid-back and casual, then, once you have her, be a Russian mobster. That’s easier said than done. Picking up chicks is hard. All women have to do to get laid is say “yes” and lie down. Even fat girls can do well if they put on high heels and wait until last call. Blacks get to fuck whomever they want and if they go to Scotland they get laid even more than that. Gays and lesbians get so laid they’re already bored with it. But what about the other 2.98756 billion of us? How do we get laid? Read on, motherfucker…

    The problem with really wanting to get laid is you look like someone who really wants to get laid. The horny you is like the marketing head in How to Get Ahead in Advertising. You have to deny him or he will kill you. Instead of worrying about who is going to fuck you, just go out and be gregarious guy. “Hey, what’s your name? Oh, Mark? How’s it going, Mark? I’m Chris. Who’s this?” “I’m Julie.” “Hey Julie. Do you guys want some Percodan?” We know you want to fuck Julie. We all want to fuck Julie. Just don’t admit it to anyone. Not even to yourself. Even if a close female friend, one you trust, asks if you want to fuck Julie, make a joke like, “I want to fuck MARK, don’t you? Meow!” Nobody needs to know you have a penis. Of course, you have to be careful with this kind of attitude and not be too faggy. Throw in a few “That’s nobody’s business but my own” and maybe protect one or two girls from those wasted geriatric Polish guys that are always hanging around. You need to establish that you are not a pussy and you need to make sure you don’t slip into the friend zone (more on that later). If you’re really outgoing and pals-y, you should have a ton of numbers and email addresses at the end of the night. Throw the dude ones in the garbage.

    You shouldn’t take a girl out on a date until you’ve fucked her at least once. Before any kind of dating scenario you have to extend your fun-guy phase just a little bit longer. That means if you want to see her again you call her from somewhere really fun and basically invite her to a party like she’s one of the guys. “Hey, what’s going on, it’s me, Red Pants [an allusion to a previous inside joke you guys have]. We’re all at DaVinci’s and it’s pretty fun. Some wasted old lady is dancing naked on the bar and everyone from the Shit Biscuit is here. On a 1 to 10 fun scale I’d give it an 8.2 [she laughs]. From now on I’ll only call you when it’s an 8 or over. I’ll be your fun spy. Anyway, it’s at 360 1st Avenue. See you there.” (Keep reading…)

    Passing a Woman’s Tests

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      This is an article about the best way of passing a woman’s tests. Girls throw these at you all the time, and if you fail them, your chance of hooking up with her become nil. By the way, I’ve been super busy lately, so sorry for the lack of updates. Lotta cool stuff going on though, and I’m trying to keep up with all of it =)

      Passing A Woman’s Tests:

      First, you need to understand that women will constantly test you to see if you’re high value enough to hook up with them. If you approach them looking confident, they will want to test you to see if you really are that confident dude that you’re portraying. This should be viewed as a good thing. If she would not be into you, then she’d simply walk away and not talk to you. Her tests are a great opportunity to get crazy amounts of attraction.

      Every time you pass a test that she throws at you, her subconscious is thinking, “damn, this guy passed another test with flying colours, he must be high-value. I should hook up with him”. Here are the top ways to pass her tests:

      1.) Stay unreactive.

      This is huge. Girls like a man who is in control of himself. If he cannot control himself than he will not be able to control her. When she tests you by saying something like, “why are you even talking to me?”, or “you’re too short” you have to stay completely cool. You need to have 100% belief in yourself. Comments like that should not affect your mood at all because you know that you’re a high-value man. Also remember: Whoever is reacting more in the interaction tends to be the lower value person. This is because being non-reactive = being in control.

      2.) Maintain your attitude.

      Apart from not showing any emotional reaction to her tests, you also need to maintain the same intensity in the approach that you were showing earlier. If she tests you and that causes you to take your game a few notches down, you’re showing her that the test demoralized you. You basically need to keep up the same level of intensity, and the same level of energy before the test, and after her test. Otherwise, you’ll fail her congruence test.

      3.) Use humour to diffuse situation

      Act unapologetically to her test. Basically say whatever you’d say if you were 100% honest with some humour thrown in. A sample interaction is here (Credit Brad RSD):

      HER: Is that your pickup line?

      ME: Yeah, did it work?

      HER: Why are you talking to me?

      ME: Because I think you are hot.

      HER: What do you want?

      ME: You.

      Another response is to ignore her test. Basically say something random that shows her that her tests don’t affect you. You’re not even acknowledging the fact that she’s testing you-you’re simply carrying forward with the pick up.

      HER: Why are you talking to me?

      ME: Yeah, I can’t believe what just happened in the bathroom…

      You just don’t even recognize she was trying to fuck with you and keep moving forward.

      This leads to one of my favorite responses whenever I get any shit test:

      HER: Nice shirt.

      ME: Thanks.

      HER: I’m sorry you are too short for me.

      ME: Thanks.

      HER: I’m sorry you are too old for me.

      ME: Thanks.

      Your attitude is that the test is so outside of your reality that it did not register at all. You’re simply carrying on with business as usual. A third way to passing a woman’s tests is answering the question you wish she had asked.

      HER: Are you trying to pick me up?

      ME: No, I had pizza for lunch.

      HER: What do you want?

      ME: No, I will not makeout with you!

      ME: Give me your number.

      HER: Sure, I’ll give you my number, just like the 20 other numbers you got tonight.

      ME: Oh, OK, well I don’t really need your number we could just go fuck in the bathroom right now.

      The last way to pass a test is to over exaggerate. You’re taking what she said and blowing it way out of proportion. This is a tricky one because if you push it too far you will pass her test. But just like the ones I mentioned above, it can be very good with some practice.

      HER: You are just trying to have sex with me.

      ME: No, actually, I am celibate. I’ve been hurt too many times, and please don’t try to take advantage of me, I’m a shattered vulnerable child. And sex is gross anyways.

      So to summarize:

      The fact that she’s testing you is good. It means that she cares enough to see if you’re the cool dude who will have sex with her tonight. Passing a woman’s tests will cause massive spikes in attraction, and will make her really into you! So, have fun with it, and try the above methods to see which you like using best.

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      Psychology of Attraction: What Women Want

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        I’ve thought lots about the psychology of attraction, and what women really like. This is hard to figure out for most guys because what women respond to, and what women think they respond to are two very different things. Women have a difficulty being completely honest about the type of guys they’re attracted to. This is mainly because they don’t want to appear to be slutty. However, if they were honest, most would say that they like “a sexual man who will create an opportunity for sex, and persist past any tests that I throw at him”. Understand: Women are VERY sexual, and like sex more than guys! That is something that a lot of guys don’t understand. It makes understanding the psychology of attraction truly difficult for them.

        When it comes to escalating sexually, you have to take the lead. This has been decided long ago on a biological level. Women are more submissive, so you need to have the balls to be dominant, and lead the interaction. One reason for this is because the woman does NOT want to look like a slut. Initiating sex would make her look like one, so that’s the furthest thing from what she wants to do. The last thing she wants is to be perceived negatively by her friends.

        For you to get laid, you need to make the woman feel comfortable enough to sleep with you without any fear of consequences for her. A key point to make this happen is by being/appearing the sex worthy guy who gets lots of sex all the time. If you have a type of attitude where hooking up is a common thing to do she will feel more comfortable as well. Comfort is an important element in the psychology of attraction.

        I’ve picked up a bunch of girls at clubs using this mindset. Concentrate on leading, and subtly making her think that she can have sex with you with no consequences. Women crave sex more than guys do (I know this from experience). They would love to have sex with an alpha male with no strings attached. The most important thing for you to do is to convey that you are that alpha male.

        Have you ever been on vacation and witnessed how everyone with a bit of game hooks up? That’s because there’s no accountability. The women are not going to be labeled as sluts, so they drop their social anxiety and do what they truly want to do. You can achieve the same result as this by being a sex-worthy alpha male. That’s power!

        Another important tip from a psychology of attraction perspective is to make her feel lots of good emotions. Make sure she’s feeling a range of emotions while she is with you. This means teasing her, complimenting her, being hot/cold, telling her interesting/compelling stories about yourself, etc. That will make her really interested in you. Women aren’t interested in guys on a logical level. They are highly emotional, and require a wide range of emotions to make them feel interested.

        So to summarize:

        The psychology of attraction key components are:

        1.) Lead the interaction
        2.) Make her feel comfortable
        3.) Sub-communicate that sex is normal
        4.) Get a range of emotions from her

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        Dating Profile Advice

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          Make sure your profile stands out. It has to be unique, and show her why she should message you as opposed to the 234234 other guys on the dating website.

          A shorter read is generally better. I've had the best results with a profile in the 250-350 words range. That is usually more than enough to convey all you need to convey. Your profile should highlight your best characteristics (Demonstrations of Higher Value-DHV). And throw a couple of things that make you look human. You need to talk about your most positive qualities while at the same time throwing a coupe of "slight negatives" (i.e. showing sensitive side) to make sure it doesn’t appear too good to be true. On a completely unrelated note, GPS for cars is an awesome resource for GPS systems.

          These “negatives” should be things that will make a girl MORE attracted to you. For example, mentioning that there’s movies you cried in, that your family is really important to you, or some other sensitive side of yours.

          I like to throw in some qualifiers as well. For example, I'll mention the following: (Keep reading...)

          8 Body Language Attraction Tips

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            Body language plays a huge role in getting a woman interested in you. A lot of guys think that you need to do whatever everyone else is doing, and are afraid to stand out from the crowd. Remember, if you’re doing average things, you’ll get average results.

            To get great results you need to do things that others aren’t doing. Here are the top body language attraction tips that you have to follow. If you choose to ignore these body language mistakes, you will be subcommunicating neediness, and that you’re not a sex-worthy guy:

            Top 8 Body Language Attraction Tips:

            1.) Speaking too fast. This is a biggie, and something I used to do all the time. People who speak too fast sound like they are trying to “get it all out” before they lose the other person’s attention. It gives off an anxious, low self-confidence vibe that kills attraction. Alpha males speak slowly, and with confidence. Everything that an alpha male says is important, and meaningful.

            2.) Touching your face when you talk. It subcommunicates nervousness, that you’re indecisive, or that you’re shy. Avoid it all together. This is another thing I used to do often until I realized how much it was hurting my game. Keep your hands in a relaxed position (and make sure not to fiddle with them while you’re speaking to someone else).

            3.) Looking down. A body language attraction point that screams, “I’m NOT dominant”. When you look down while someone is talking to you, you’re basically telling them that they are more dominant than you are. Don’t give your power away. Maintain strong eye contact instead. Choose one eye to look at, and do it. This was one of the body language attraction mistakes that has held me down most before I corrected it.

            4.) Eye contact. Something really important. A lot of guys are scared to do this, but I’ve found that it is HUGE in creating attraction. Don’t stare at the girl creepily, but do maintain strong eye contact. If you want to go for the kiss looking from eye-to-eye to her lips is a good way to do it. Once you see her look at your lips, or when you see her lips move, go in for the kiss. Works like a charm.

            5.) Using “ah” and “um”. People that use these often are trying to prevent others from interrupting them. If you’re an alpha male, you know that others won’t interrupt you. That’s why avoiding those little partial words is key. It will make you sound more confident and determined.

            6.) Slouching. This is a huge no-no. Have a comfortable body language that says, “I’m comfortable, and feel good inside”. Slouching says, “I’m weak, and don’t feel good about myself”. If you do this regularly, make sure to change it right now. Slouching is probably the most unattractive thing on this list. Don’t stand too straight, but do have your shoulders back, and your back in an upright position. Check out Brad Pitt in any of his movies for an idea of what this looks like. He’s a guy that is always portraying great body language attraction.

            7.) Being afraid to initiate physical contact with a girl. You need to be able to touch a woman if you want to have sex with her. In fact, if you leave off touching till the end it will make her more uncomfortable. You gotta feel relaxed, and be able to touch her at will. Make it effortless and natural. Tap the side of her arm when you’re talking, and don’t be afraid to put your arm around her for a bit if you’re walking side by side.

            8.) Turning your head fast when someone wants your attention. Do give them your attention, but don’t do it right away as if you’re at their command.

            These are the top 8 body language attraction tips that I’ve used in order to get as much as I could from my non-verbal subcommunication with women. I highly recommend that you review the list, and make sure to correct any of the mistakes that you find yourself doing.

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            First Date Tips for Men

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              These first date tips for men are based on years of experimentation with dating that I’ve done personally. This is an area of dating where guys constantly make mistakes. They think that the first date should be as romantic as possible. Through lots of experience, I’ve learned that this doesn’t work well at all. Make sure you DON’T take her to a fancy dinner, or something that she will associate with an official “date” setting. The “date” setting will make her get into a “this guy is a beta male” mindset. I mean, you’re rewarding her before she has done anything to earn your affection. As an alpha male you should only reward her for good behavior. The last thing alpha males do is spend money on women in order to get laid.

              First date tips for men: Date mindset. Don’t concentrate on getting laid. Have the mindset of a guy that gets sex regularly, and doesn’t have to work for it very hard. Women can sense your desperation, and will find it extremely unattractive. Try to stay relax and vibe with her. Talk about general topics while you maintain strong eye contact, and confident body language. A great book that mantions all of the body language essentials and teaches you to become an alpha male is Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander.

              First date tips for men: Where to take her. Instead of the above expensive date, take her to somewhere completely informal. A coffee shop or a cheap diner place for lunch is good. Don’t make a big deal out of who pays for what. In fact, if you’re shown some alpha male characteristics before, she will often gladly oblige to pay. The last 3-4 girls that I’ve gone on dates with have paid for themselves, or offered to pay for me. This is because it makes them feel more comfortable. When they pay they don’t feel obligated to put out. This takes away the casual relaxed setting that works best.

              Coffee shops are great because they are public (she feels safe), highly informal (no strings attached), and only cost a couple of bucks. Another good venue choice is a place that has a bar in the restaurant. This offers you the opportunity to get drinks after dinner. It will look really natural as well. Remember, alcohol lets us do what we want to do in the first place (but are scared of the social repercussions).

              I usually have one coffee shop that I frequent. It is located close to my house so that I can take her from the coffee shop to my house easily. I always tip the workers well, and make small talk with them. That way, whenever I bring a new girl over, she sees that I have a high social status and that people like me. This perceived status is really important to women, and it will help your game LOTS.

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              Overcoming Fear – Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

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                Overcoming fear is one thing you need to do in order to increase your learning curve greatly. The best way to overcome fear is to get outside of your comfort zone. This is where true growth is made. The challenging thing about getting outside your comfort zone is that it puts everything on the line. Your ego, emotions, and ambitions are all out there for the world to see. Many will stand on the sidelines and criticize you. A great example would be a huge boxing fight where everyone is watching mayweather vs pacquiao, or penn vs sanchez video for example.

                It takes big cojones to do this sort of thing. However, the rewards for those that rise up are amazing.
                A few examples from my personal life. When I’m in practice for wrestling, or thai boxing, I’ll often ask to spar with a person who is bigger or more experienced than me. This is counter intuitive, and as soon as I see someone who would be a tough match up I get a tense feeling in my gut, then my brain starts questioning if that’s a good course of action. The way to override these feelings is to act quickly. So I’d ask the 220 pound dude with a shaved head to spar before my brain would have time to figure out the implications. That way the logical side of my brain can’t psyche me out of doing what I need is necessary in order to get better.

                I’ve gotten my ass kicked a bunch of times by doing this. This may seem like a bad thing, but there’s a silver lining here as well. I was surprised to find that more often than not I did really well, and even exceeded my own expectations, as well as the expectations of others. Had I just stayed content sparring with mediocre people I would’ve stayed comfortable winning, but I would have not learned at a much quicker pace. The mentality of a person that is willing to look bad in order to challenge themselves is crucial in any area of achievement.

                Another personal life example is working in the server industry for over 2 years. Though I didn’t like all of it, having to talk to hundreds of people who you don’t know helps a great deal in overcoming fear of social interactions. Being a server also helped me learn work under pressure. Both things were greatly outside of my comfort zone when I started, but I grew tremendously because of trying them out. Getting that type of job isn’t the “be all solution to socializing” that a lot of people make it out to be, but it certainly helps get more social if that is something you desire.

                Same thing applies to girls. When you get out of your comfort zone by talking to a hot blond chick, you’re putting a lot of yourself on the line. There’s a chance that you will get shut down, but if you succeed the rewards will be huge. Plus, you really cant fail because you’re learning during this process. So “failure” can be replaced with “learning” here. That’s a key frame of mind to have. Any experience in life that would be deemed as a failure by the masses is actually just another learning experience. Don’t take those small bumps along the journey seriously. They are just there to test how badly you want to achieve your goals. Do you want to achieve them badly enough to go ahead and overcome fear on the most fundamental level? (Keep reading…)

                How to Tongue Kiss – Kiss Despite Being Nervous

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                  How to tongue kiss article by Vlad

                  Psychologically speaking, the eye has always been more than just an organ that detects light and sends a signal along the optic nerve to the brain. The bible mentions that, “The eyes are likened to the windows of the heart” (Mark 7:20-23). And lots of faux-pas cold-reader psychics will charge you upwards of hundreds of dollars an hour per palm reading to tell you that the eyes are truly a window to the soul. We try to stay away from that stuff here at Best Dating Manual. So instead let’s concentrate on getting laid …and goals, positivity, and reaching your potential, but what’s that got to do with hot girls anyway ;)?

                  So what does that have to do with how to tongue kiss? (Keep reading…)

                  Dating Help for Men: 6 Steps to Dating Success

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                    If you’re a guy that is currently having trouble with your dating life, I can totally relate. There was a period in my life when talking to women was very difficult. My hands would get sweaty, and even my knees would even start shaking when I’d try to do that. Not to mention stuttering, and getting my back to tighten up. The good news is that those are not the natural responses you should be having. They are all psychologically manifested. This means that theoretically you can date beautiful women. I am living proof of that. I went from being dateless to getting a couple of dates a month, to having a consistent girlfriend for over a year. Now the interesting part, how did I do it?

                    Here is a step by step guide for dating help for men:

                    1.) You need to commit yourself to becoming better at dating long term. If this goal is the most important thing in your life right now, you need to “sign a contract” with yourself that you will not quit trying to improve this area of your life for the next 18 months. You’ll have some heartbreaking moments along the way, and I need you to commit to persevere now, rather than trying to do that during the heartbreaking moments. (Keep reading…)

                    Clubbing Guide: 7 Steps To Ensure An Awesome Night Out

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                      This clubbing guide is what I use whenever I go out with the goal to come home with a new girl. Following these steps maximizes my chances of pulling a girl home, and it ensures that I’m having a blast:

                      • Clubbing Guide Step 1: Social mood right off the bat, even before heading out.

                      It’s important to get talkative an hour before going clubbing. When I go downtown on the subway, my friends and I always practice projecting our voices by talking loud, making jokes, and getting in a good mood. If there are any girls around, this is the perfect time to approach them. The most important clubbing guide pointer is to get social as soon as possible,and to stay social through out the night. If there is a cute girl sitting in front of you and your friend one of you has to talk to her. Say, “Hi” at the very least. This clubbing guide step is the most important one to follow.

                      Keep up this social vibe on the way to the club, in the line-up, with the coat check people, bouncers, etc. It makes it much easier to keep up the talking once you’re inside. And we all know that talking is the first step to sex. Plus this keeps you from getting inside of your head. (Keep reading…)