Passing a Woman’s Tests

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This is an article about the best way of passing a woman’s tests. Girls throw these at you all the time, and if you fail them, your chance of hooking up with her become nil. By the way, I’ve been super busy lately, so sorry for the lack of updates. Lotta cool stuff going on though, and I’m trying to keep up with all of it =)

Passing A Woman’s Tests:

First, you need to understand that women will constantly test you to see if you’re high value enough to hook up with them. If you approach them looking confident, they will want to test you to see if you really are that confident dude that you’re portraying. This should be viewed as a good thing. If she would not be into you, then she’d simply walk away and not talk to you. Her tests are a great opportunity to get crazy amounts of attraction.

Every time you pass a test that she throws at you, her subconscious is thinking, “damn, this guy passed another test with flying colours, he must be high-value. I should hook up with him”. Here are the top ways to pass her tests:

1.) Stay unreactive.

This is huge. Girls like a man who is in control of himself. If he cannot control himself than he will not be able to control her. When she tests you by saying something like, “why are you even talking to me?”, or “you’re too short” you have to stay completely cool. You need to have 100% belief in yourself. Comments like that should not affect your mood at all because you know that you’re a high-value man. Also remember: Whoever is reacting more in the interaction tends to be the lower value person. This is because being non-reactive = being in control.

2.) Maintain your attitude.

Apart from not showing any emotional reaction to her tests, you also need to maintain the same intensity in the approach that you were showing earlier. If she tests you and that causes you to take your game a few notches down, you’re showing her that the test demoralized you. You basically need to keep up the same level of intensity, and the same level of energy before the test, and after her test. Otherwise, you’ll fail her congruence test.

3.) Use humour to diffuse situation

Act unapologetically to her test. Basically say whatever you’d say if you were 100% honest with some humour thrown in. A sample interaction is here (Credit Brad RSD):

HER: Is that your pickup line?

ME: Yeah, did it work?

HER: Why are you talking to me?

ME: Because I think you are hot.

HER: What do you want?

ME: You.

Another response is to ignore her test. Basically say something random that shows her that her tests don’t affect you. You’re not even acknowledging the fact that she’s testing you-you’re simply carrying forward with the pick up.

HER: Why are you talking to me?

ME: Yeah, I can’t believe what just happened in the bathroom…

You just don’t even recognize she was trying to fuck with you and keep moving forward.

This leads to one of my favorite responses whenever I get any shit test:

HER: Nice shirt.

ME: Thanks.

HER: I’m sorry you are too short for me.

ME: Thanks.

HER: I’m sorry you are too old for me.

ME: Thanks.

Your attitude is that the test is so outside of your reality that it did not register at all. You’re simply carrying on with business as usual. A third way to passing a woman’s tests is answering the question you wish she had asked.

HER: Are you trying to pick me up?

ME: No, I had pizza for lunch.

HER: What do you want?

ME: No, I will not makeout with you!

ME: Give me your number.

HER: Sure, I’ll give you my number, just like the 20 other numbers you got tonight.

ME: Oh, OK, well I don’t really need your number we could just go fuck in the bathroom right now.

The last way to pass a test is to over exaggerate. You’re taking what she said and blowing it way out of proportion. This is a tricky one because if you push it too far you will pass her test. But just like the ones I mentioned above, it can be very good with some practice.

HER: You are just trying to have sex with me.

ME: No, actually, I am celibate. I’ve been hurt too many times, and please don’t try to take advantage of me, I’m a shattered vulnerable child. And sex is gross anyways.

So to summarize:

The fact that she’s testing you is good. It means that she cares enough to see if you’re the cool dude who will have sex with her tonight. Passing a woman’s tests will cause massive spikes in attraction, and will make her really into you! So, have fun with it, and try the above methods to see which you like using best.

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