Psychology of Attraction: What Women Want

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I’ve thought lots about the psychology of attraction, and what women really like. This is hard to figure out for most guys because what women respond to, and what women think they respond to are two very different things. Women have a difficulty being completely honest about the type of guys they’re attracted to. This is mainly because they don’t want to appear to be slutty. However, if they were honest, most would say that they like “a sexual man who will create an opportunity for sex, and persist past any tests that I throw at him”. Understand: Women are VERY sexual, and like sex more than guys! That is something that a lot of guys don’t understand. It makes understanding the psychology of attraction truly difficult for them.

When it comes to escalating sexually, you have to take the lead. This has been decided long ago on a biological level. Women are more submissive, so you need to have the balls to be dominant, and lead the interaction. One reason for this is because the woman does NOT want to look like a slut. Initiating sex would make her look like one, so that’s the furthest thing from what she wants to do. The last thing she wants is to be perceived negatively by her friends.

For you to get laid, you need to make the woman feel comfortable enough to sleep with you without any fear of consequences for her. A key point to make this happen is by being/appearing the sex worthy guy who gets lots of sex all the time. If you have a type of attitude where hooking up is a common thing to do she will feel more comfortable as well. Comfort is an important element in the psychology of attraction.

I’ve picked up a bunch of girls at clubs using this mindset. Concentrate on leading, and subtly making her think that she can have sex with you with no consequences. Women crave sex more than guys do (I know this from experience). They would love to have sex with an alpha male with no strings attached. The most important thing for you to do is to convey that you are that alpha male.

Have you ever been on vacation and witnessed how everyone with a bit of game hooks up? That’s because there’s no accountability. The women are not going to be labeled as sluts, so they drop their social anxiety and do what they truly want to do. You can achieve the same result as this by being a sex-worthy alpha male. That’s power!

Another important tip from a psychology of attraction perspective is to make her feel lots of good emotions. Make sure she’s feeling a range of emotions while she is with you. This means teasing her, complimenting her, being hot/cold, telling her interesting/compelling stories about yourself, etc. That will make her really interested in you. Women aren’t interested in guys on a logical level. They are highly emotional, and require a wide range of emotions to make them feel interested.

So to summarize:

The psychology of attraction key components are:

1.) Lead the interaction
2.) Make her feel comfortable
3.) Sub-communicate that sex is normal
4.) Get a range of emotions from her

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