Single Dating Advice: Dedicating the Time to Improve My Dating Life

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I had mixed success with girls when I was younger. By that I mean some of the chubbier girls showed a liking to me. I just couldn’t reciprocate back with similar feelings. Just like any other guy out there I had that one girl which seemed perfect, and all I wanted to do was go out with her. I knew I would treat her much better than those boyfriends she kept on complaining about. But alas, I didn’t act on my core instincts, and chose to wait things out instead of taking the necessary action. She got a long term boyfriend while I was debating on asking her out, and at that point my chance was over. At the time I didn’ t receive any good single dating advice, so I did the type of stuff that I learned from Hollywood movies. Much to my surprise none of it seemed to work. I simply didn’t have a dating manual to go by, and that frustrated me.

This story repeated itself a year later with another girl. This time I sure would have learned my lesson and gotten my balls out of my purse enough to ask her out, make a move, or something… but no. That is not what happened, and instead I just got fed up with myself again. Those two experiences were very humbling. I felt like I was on the right path to take on the world.. become the next big thing in whatever I decided to pursue.. and yet there was this gaping whole in my self esteem left by two very unsuspecting girls. The above experiences were crushing, they left me feeling heartbroken, sad and depressed.

It seemed like there was something missing. I though I was a cool dude, but there were certain things that I felt really uncomfortable with doing around women. I felt awkward and scared when initiating physical contact. When I’d be talking to a hot girl in class I would sweat profusely, and my body would get really tense. Talking to a pretty girl on the street (whom I didn’t know) was completely out of the question.

Something was seriously wrong here, and a seed was sown from these early failures. A seed that later grew into my desire to become a guy who has his shit dialed both when it comes to women and when it comes the other aspects of his life as well.


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My initial desire to become better with women transformed itself into a long 1 year plus relationship that with a pretty good looking girl. This is after I got some single dating advice from friends and the internet. At the time I didn’t find any of the products of the high quality that are now available. Somewhere during the year I realized that one of the reasons I was in the relationship was for the comfort it provided. Its great to know that you can always get laid and have an excuse from putting yourself outside of your comfort zone.

If there’s a hot girl sitting next to you on the bus, you have a perfect excuse for why you’re not approaching and getting to know her. Things like like, “I have a girlfriend, bro, I cant talk to that girl” would be said to my friends, and excuses like, “If only I wouldn’t have a girlfriend, I’d totally talk to her and she’d love me” would be played back in my subconscious. That was one of the reasons that the seemingly perfect relationship ended. Then it was time to grow, to flourish, and to experience new things. Not to stay in my comfort zone with someone I didn’t see a future with. So I delved myself into learning as much about dating as I could. I read, talked to, and watched all of the best single dating advice material I could find.

When it comes down to it, on the most inner level you are A MAN. All your self-conscious nonsense, ego validation, and limiting beliefs aside, YOU are A MAN. As a man, there is no reason why you cant conquer any skill that you dedicate your time and effort into. I decided that I was going to improve myself with women, and improve myself as a MAN to a point where I became what I envisioned. This is where the dating material came in handy. All of those single dating advice articles I’d read would now pay off. A point where the self-conscious nonsense, ego validation, and limiting beliefs were fading memories of the past.

This story is set roughly five years ago, and what a tremendous journey it has been. This transformation is not complete yet, but that’s a good thing, because I will post anything relevant to my future success on this dating manual site. I feel like I’ve already achieved a few things that I set out to do. I now have 3 women who I see regularly, and who I enjoy spending time with. However, I’m sure there are plenty of great things to come. And you, the reader, are at the right place and right time to read about all of them. I will provide single dating advice, as well as recommendations books on dating that I find to be useful to your success. Some of my posts will concentrate on things I did two years ago in order to get to where I am today. Other posts will focus on what I am doing today, and philosophies that I believe are important to achieve the level of success YOU desire.

There’s a quote that says something along the lines of, “one step in the right direction, is worth 100 years of thinking about it.” I couldn’t agree more with this and urge you, my reader, to take that step toward whatever it is you deeply desire in your life.

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