Working on Your Body

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Hey guys, so I just wanted to mention how important it is to focus on the mental and physical aspects of your game. Everyone discusses the things you need to say, how you need to behave, how to act, etc. Little is mentioned that up keeping your physical appearance is a must, too.

I recommend working with a personal trainer. I’ve done it for a few years, and the results have been amazing for me. The Toronto Personal Trainer that I use pushes me 3-4 times a week, and he also puts a large emphasis on my mental strength.

After completing a workout, nothing seems like a challenge anymore. I’ve worked out for years alone, but having a personal trainer is simply awesome. It can really push you to the next level of results.

So to sum it up: If you’re doing everything in your power to become better at talking/hooking up with women, getting a personal trainer to help you with your physical appearance/mental fortitude is something that I highly recommended.

Here’s a sample of some stuff that we work on:

-High intensity interval training

-Free weight exercises

-Resistence band training

-Flexibility/agility training.

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